World Loses a Great Critic

Roger Ebert, the outspoken and enthusiastic film critic with the trademark thumbs up or thumbs down that influenced generations of film goers, has died at age 70. The former Chicago Sun-Times reporter thrust film criticism into the forefront of American culture, informing audiences with his honest and often thought-provoking reviews.

In 2002, Ebert was diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid, salivary glands and chin that resulted in major facial restructuring. However he continued to comment on film and challenged viewers to think about what they saw. He also became a prolific presence on Facebook and Twitter.

In 1975 he won a Pulitzer Prise for his Sun-Times reviews and was syndicated across the United States and abroad. He also authored over 20 books and co-wrote the screenplay for the 1970 movie Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

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