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Has Frozen left you excited for more icy ideas? Discover how you can create a complete birthday party around a wintry theme at PagingSupermom.com. Image ©PagingSupermom.com

Still Not Too Cold For More Frozen Fun?

Disney’s Frozen released over two months ago but it’s still attracting dollars at the box office that would make many other movies envious. And with a theatrical release “sing-a-long” opening this weekend (January 31) there’s bound to be more Frozen fascination. I will be the first to admit I wasn’t expecting this hot of a reception for a movie about freezing females during one of our coldest winters in years for much of North America. Goes to show what movie critics know. Fortunately Frozen is a fine choice for family entertainment and many families may be looking for more ways to enjoy the movie and celebrate winter.

Our friends at Paging Supermom! have some great ideas for a winter-themed birthday party. Everything from the invitations, to making snowflake cutouts and even a Snowball Tower Cake (pictured above) are included. And if you’re one of the fortunate few who live somewhere warm, there is a snowball toss game that works in Arizona (here in Canada we have lots of “organic” snow…).

Of course the creative at Disney are also coming up with ways to keep Frozen foremost in our minds. A few weeks back a book titled The Art of Frozen
showed up in our office and it captured our interest immediately. I may have been a little lukewarm to the princess story in the movie, but the animation was amazing and this book details much of the development and creative decisions that were involved with the film’s production. This book will be especially interesting for anyone who loves art and animation but even casual Frozen fans will enjoy it and kids may be motivated to try their own hand at drawing the characters. Finally, being a “Gustafson”, I learned a little about my ancestor’s homeland from photos and descriptions of the Norwegian and Scandinavian elements incorporated into the visuals.

If you don’t want to commit to the book you can get a flavor for it in on the Disney Insider site. They have a blog entry titled Visual Development Art from The Art of Frozen that includes a couple dozen images from the book.

Even more fun actives focused on Frozen found on Disney Insider include a trivia quiz (if you don’t know what Anna and Elsa’s favorite food is you may want to do your homework first), a music video featuring Let It Go in 25 languages and a blog entry that reveals some hidden items in the movie that would take most of us a dozen or so viewings (and a front row seat) to catch.

Here’s hoping you have fun with Frozen! Considering it’s still snowing in my back yard with a wind chill of about -20, I’m getting something warm to drink…

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