Picture from Social Distancing Movies: Week 3

Social Distancing Movies: Week 3

Facing another week of being housebound with restless kids or moody teens, we’re all looking for movies that can inform, educate and entertain. Here are our suggestions for the third week of sheltering in place.

How to Train Your Dragon We can all encounter unexpected dangers, but at least we don’t have to deal with dragons. When Hiccup finds a wounded dragon, he goes against his village’s tradition and befriends it. A great movie about acting in the face of fear. And the sequels are pretty good, too. (PG, Grade: A-)

October Sky It’s 1957 and Homer Hickam is trapped in Coalwood, West Virginia. His dad expects Homer to follow him into the mines, but Homer dreams of joining in the space race and starts building his own rockets. Based on a true story, this movie is a tribute to the power of education. (PG, Grade: A-)

Stand and Deliver Who knew that math could work miracles? This true story is about Jaime Escalante, who gave up a corporate career to teach math to underprivileged kids. Believing that these teens had untapped potential, he urged them to take calculus and compete for university entrance. A great film about persistence, education, and the power of believing in yourself. (PG, Grade: A)

Napoleon Dynamite A socially awkward teenager, Napoleon lives in his own dreamworld and out of the social whirl of his small town high school. But when a friend decides to run for student body president, Napoleon’s quirks have their moment in the sun. A fun film for the inner nerd in all of us. (PG, Grade: B)

What’s Up, Doc? If laughter’s the best medicine, this comedy should alleviate some of your family’s boredom and stress. (Sadly, not coronavirus.) A clueless music professor, a generous philanthropist, a controlling fiancée, and a ditzy opportunist all come together in a screwball comedy that ends with the funniest car chase ever filmed. Guaranteed to have the family laughing out loud and forgetting the stresses of the week. (G, Grade: B+)

Ford v Ferrari This week’s Saturday sports movie is based on the true story of the trans-Atlantic rivalry to win the Le Mans race. It’s a story of persistence, ingenuity, and problem solving. Blessed with fine acting and a fast-moving plot, this is a movie teens and their parents will enjoy, even if they’re not racing fans. (PG-13, Grade: B+)

Christopher Robin With trouble brewing in the Hundred Acre Wood, Winnie-the Pooh goes looking for his old playfellow. But Christopher Robin has grown up, forgotten his old friends, and thrown himself into his job, to the detriment of his family. This is a genuinely heartwarming movie that’s suitable for viewers of all ages. (PG, Grade: A+)

Wondering where to find these movies? Most of the DVDs can be ordered online but if you want to stream them, we recommend using justwatch.com to find out where they are streaming in your jurisdiction.

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