Picture from Once Upon a Snowman
Image ©Disney+

Once Upon a Snowman

Do you wanna build a snowman? Or watch one roll across the screen while making existentially amusing quips? If so, October 23rd is your lucky day.

Disney+ is giving its hardcore Frozen fans a pre-Christmas treat: an origin story for Olaf, the beloved talking snowman. Created by Elsa in the first Frozen film, Olaf bursts on to the screen, filled with enthusiasm and childlike wonder. In this mini-short, Disney gives a window into the time between Olaf’s creation and his meeting with Anna and Kristof.

At just under eight minutes, this short doesn’t have time to cover much ground so it’s focused on Olaf’s priorities – finding a sense of self…and a nose. Neither quest is easy and Olaf winds up being chased by wolves (which might alarm tiny tots). There are plenty of scenes of Olaf racing around, falling off things and repeatedly reassembling his body parts, which should give kids plenty of laughs. It’s frenetic but it’s fun.

This little film is far too short for family movie night. But if you’re looking for a way to introduce a preschooler to the world of Frozen or if you want a brief movie clip to use as a bribe, “let it go” and let the kids watch this worry-free.

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