Picture from Home Video Releases for March 17
The limited release movie Song of the Sea won an Academy Awards nomination for Best Animation at this year's Oscar ceremony. Image ©2014 Cartoon Saloon /GKids

Home Video Releases for March 17

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the home video release of the Irish folk tale Song of the Sea. The film, which opened in limited markets, gained attention when the Academy Awards committee announced 2015 Best Animation nominees. It is the story of a young Irish boy who discovers his mute sister is a selkie (women you magically transform into seals) who must find her voice and free others who are under a Celtic curse.

The rough and tumble characters from Penguins of Madagascar are also coming to home video. In this story, a group of the covert, flightless birds join forces with another elite force to stop the shenanigans of a rogue octopus that is trying to exact revenge on the little black and white critters.

Jamie Foxx and Quvenzhané Wallis star in the 2014 remake of the musical Annie. Foxx stars as a mayoral candidate who is trying to move up in the polls. His campaign gets a boost when he pulls a young orphan from in front of speeding van. But he soon discovers Annie is about to change his life in other ways as well.

The Biblical tale of Moses is retold in the movie Exodus: Gods and Kings. This action packed film depicts epic proportions of violence and bloodshed but very little in other content. However Moses appears to be much more of an action hero than a God-fearing prophet.

Chris Rock and Rosario Dawson star in the R-rated movie Top Five. Rock plays a successful comedian who wants to take on a serious acting role but all he can get is a reality-TV show.

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