Earth Day Movies for Families

Hollywood might never win accolades for being environmentally friendly (though more studios are making efforts), but there are still some movie offerings out there that can help families celebrate Earth Day.

For the past few years, Disneynature has released a new nature movie just in time for Earth Day. This year’s offering is the tale of of a little chimpanzee named Oscar who faces the harsh realities of life in the jungle in Chimpanzee. Other movies from the studio include Earth , Oceans, African Cats and Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingo. March of the Penguins and Winged Migration are two other animal documentaries that follow the yearly journeys of birds.

Pixar’s animated WALL-E and the futuristic drama The Day After Tomorrow make a dismal statement about what may happen if we don’t make environmental changes. Viewers who appreciate the Japanese anime animation of Director Hayao Miyazaki will enjoy his gentle tale of a young mermaid-like creature that wants to be human in Ponyo.

A captured killer whale and an injured dolphin get top billing in Free Willy and Dolphin Tale.

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