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Coming to Netflix: November 2020

With its Halloween horror binge finished, Netflix is getting a head start on Christmas with plenty of seasonal specials and festive rom-coms. (Note that our reviews for original productions will be posted on the date of release.)

November 1st:

Casper.Casper the friendly ghost is trapped with his three crazy uncles in the abandoned Whipstaff Manor. But the new owner becomes interested when she discovers a treasure map…PG, Grade: C+

Easy A. A shy teenager lies about her sexual activities to make herself seem more popular. Now she’s getting a lot of attention from the guys…but it’s not the kind of attention she wants. PG-13, Grade: C-

Elliot the Littlest Reindeer. Elliott lives on a reindeer training farm and reams of being chosen to pull Santa’s sleigh. There’s only ne problem: Elliot isn’t a reindeer. He’s a miniature horse. PG, Grade: B+

Jumping the Broom. A happy couple are preparing for wedded bliss, that is, until their respective families meet before the wedding. PG-13, Content details only.

Mile 22An American agent is tasked with helping an informant escape. He’s got a tactical team to help get the informant to a pick up spot 22 miles away. Restricted. Content details only.

Ocean’s ElevenFresh out of prison, a con artist rounds up a group of buddies to steal $100 million out of the vault of a casino owner. PG-13, Grade: C-

Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Paul Blart has always wanted to be a police officer, but is working as a security officer in a mall. Then the mall is taken over by a gang of sophisticated crooks…PG, Grade: B-

Snowden. This is a sympathetic biopic of Edward Snowden, famous for leaking classified US government documents to journalists. Restricted, Grade: C

The Indian in the Cupboard. A young boy received an unusual gift – an old cupboard that magically transforms plastic toys into tiny human beings. PG, Grade: A-

Yes Man. Carl Allen has decided he wants to be happy instead of remaining in his disagreeable rut. His plan is to say “yes” to everything…PG-13, Grade: C

November 5:

Operation Christmas Drop. A congressional staffer is sent to a Pacific air force base to find reasons to yank the facility’s funding. When a pilot takes her on the annual Christmas run, she gains a new perspective on the base. (Netflix Original)

Midnight at the Magnolia. Two radio DJ’s pretend to be a couple to boost ratings and save their show. (Netflix Original)

A New York Christmas Wedding. With her Christmas wedding getting closer, Jennifer is surprised to be visited by an angel who shows her how her life would have unfolded if she’d admitted her feelings for her first love.

November 6:

Citation.This Nigerian film tells the harrowing story of a student who reports her professor for attempted rape. (Netflix Original)

November 11:

What We Wanted. Taking a break from their struggles with infertility, a couple goes on vacation to a resort in Sardinia. But the family next door makes it difficult to relax. (Netflix Original. German with English subtitles)

November 12:

Prom Night. Donna’s planned the perfect prom…until a serial killer crashes the party. PG-13, Grade: D+

November 13:

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey. Jeronicus Jangle is the greatest toymaker in the world. When his newest invention is stolen, his granddaughter comes to the rescue. (Netflix Original)

The Life Ahead. A Holocaust survivor, Madame Rosa runs a community centre/daycare in Italy. When a young man tries to rob her, she takes him under her wing. (Netflix Original – Italian with subtitles)

November 15:

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.Flint’s weather-generated food machine is now cranking out animal/food hybrids. PG: Grade: B+

November 16:

Loving.This film tells the true story of Mildred and Richard Loving. Laws against mixed race marriage precluded their wedding in Virginia so they married in Washington DC in 1958. Little do they know that the validity of their marriage is going to go all the way to the Supreme Court of the Untied States. PG-13, Grade: A-

November 19:

The Princess Switch: Switched Again. This sequel sees the Duchess Margaret on the throne of Montenaro but she’s having trouble with her boyfriend. Her double, Stacey, comes to the rescue, but neither of them know there’s yet another double (triple?) in the mix. (Netflix Original)

November 20:

Alien Xmas Christmas is a time for giving, but these alien visitors have come to take. Specifically, they’ve come to steal Earth’s gravity. This stop motion animated short feature is based on the book by the same name. (Netflix Original)

November 22:

Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square. When a bitter woman plans to sell the town and evict its residents on Christmas Eve, it’s up to the residents to change her mind…with the help of Dolly Parton and her music. (Netflix Original)

Machete Kills.The US government asks the assassin to take out an arms dealer in Mexico. Restricted, Content details only.

November 23:

Hard Kill. A tech billionaire hires mercenaries to protect his valuable inventions, but they are unprepared for the kidnapping of his daughter. Now he has to get her back. Restricted (Netflix Original)

November 24:

Hillbilly Elegy. Based on his bestselling book, J.D. Vance shares his experiences leaving Ohio, joining the Marines and graduating from law school at Yale. With a family emergency bringing him back home, Vance has to reconcile his past and future. (Netflix Original)

November 25:

The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two.With the very existence of Christmas under threat, Kate and Santa must work together to save the holiday. (Netflix Original)

November 26:

Mosul This action movie is about a renegade SWAT team within the Iraqi police force that fights a guerrilla war against ISIS. (Netflix Original)

November 27:

The Call An accident has brought them to a stranger’s door. Now they just have to survive the night. (Netflix Original)

Nov. 30

The 2nd. When the daughter of a Supreme Court justice is abducted, a fellow student and his Green Beret father must save her. (Netflix Original)

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