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Coming to Netflix: June 2021

June’s a busy month for Netflix, as it releases a whole slew of original films from all over the world.

June 1:

American Outlaws Hoping to return to farming after the Civil War, the James brothers are disappointed to learn that trouble is viewing back at the ranch. PG-13, Grade: C+

Bad TeacherDesperate to snag a rich husband, Elizabeth starts hitting on a fellow teacher from a wealthy family. Restricted, Content details only.

Fools Rush InAlex is a nightclub designer reluctantly leaves New York for a new job in Las Vegas where he meets a gregarious Latina named Isabel. When a one night stand leaves her pregnant, the couple have to decide what comes next. PG-13, Grade: B

I Am SamBorn with a moderate intellectual disability, Sam supports himself by working at Starbucks. But then a brief relationship with a homeless woman leaves Sam raising a daughter, who is soon made a ward of the state. Sam then hires a lawyer to help him regain his beloved child. PG-13, Grade: C

Million Dollar BabyWhen an aspiring boxer suffers a tragic accident in the ring, difficult ethical questions become very real. PG-13, Grade: C-

Ninja AssassinWhen Raizo betrays a secret society of assassins to help a beautiful Interpol agent, he faces their vengeance. Restricted, Content details only.

What Women WantNick thinks he’s a ladykiller who knows exactly what women want. But when he has a strange accident that enables him to hear women’s thoughts, everything he thought he knew is challenged. PG-13, Grade: C-

June 2:

2 HeartsTwo couples whose romances unfold in different decades will be bound together in an unpredictable way. (Review to be posted on release date.) PG-13

Carnaval When a Brazilian woman learns her boyfriend is cheating on her, she takes her three best friends on vacation for Carnival. Netflix Original. Portuguese with subtitles.

June 3:

Dancing Queens Dylan is a young woman in rural Sweden who dreams of becoming a dancer. But when she misses an audition and settles for cleaning at a drag club, she realizes that there’s a spot for a new dancer – if she ‘s willing to pretend to be a male dancer in drag. Netflix Original. Swedish with subtitles.

Sailor Moon Eternal As an eclipse obscures the sun, Usagi encounters Pegasus who is searching for a chosen maiden to break the seal on the Golden Crystal. At the same time, a dark plot unfolds with the goal of ruling the earth and moon. Netflix Original. Dubbed into English.

June 4

Sweet & Sour: A Korean romantic drama about a couple struggling to maintain the spark that initiated their relationship. Netflix Original. Korean with subtitles.

June 7:

Vampire Academy In a secret society of vampires, Rose is sworn to protect Princess Lissa. PG-13, Grade: D+

June 9

Awake: A sci-fi thriller in a dystopic world where a cataclysmic event wiped out all electronics and people’s ability to sleep. Except for one little girl – and she’s about to become very valuable. Netflix Original

June 10

A Haunted House 2 Having survived one series of harrowing paranormal encounters, Malcolm wants a nice, peaceful life. But when he starts over, so do the other worldly episodes. Restricted, Content details only.

Camellia Sisters: This Vietnamese language film tells the dramatic story of the loves and lives of three royal sisters. Netflix Original.

June 11

Skater Girl: This is unusual sports drama is set in the Rajasthan province of North West India and features a teenage girl who wants to do something generally reserved for boys – skateboard. Netflix Original

Wish Dragon: Originally slated for theatrical release, this movie follows the adventures of a young boy who befriends a dragon with the power to grant wishes. Netflix Original

June 13:

The Devil Below: In this horror thriller, four amateur adventurers go exploring in Shookum Hills, an abandoned town in the Appalachian Mountains. Netflix Original

June 16:

Lowriders: Caught up in the culture of low riding cars and drivers, a young man struggles to find his own means of self-expression. PG-13, Content details only.

Silver Skates: Set in Russia at the end of the 19th century, this period piece tells the story of Matvey, a now unemployed delivery boy, and Alisa, trapped in her family’s mansion by her controlling father. Netflix Original. Russian with subtitles.

June 17:

Silver Linings Playbook:Newly released from a psychiatric hospital after a violent episode with his estranged wife, Pat is trying to repair the relationship. But then he comes across Tiffany, a young woman with significant issues of her own…Restricted, Grade: C

June 18:

Fatherhood. Kevin Hart plays a newly widowed father who takes on the responsibility of raising his infant daughter alone. Netflix Original.

June 23:

Good on Paper. When a popular comedian meets a hedge fund manager, he seems like the perfect guy…until she starts to wonder if he’s too good to be true. Netflix Original.

June 25:

The Ice Road: Liam Neeson stars once again in an action thriller, this time as a trucker trying to save trapped miners. Netflix Original. PG-13

June 28:

Killing them Softly: When a mob-related high stakes poker game gets held up, a hired assassin is called in to exact revenge. Restricted, Content details only.

June 30:
America: The Motion Picture.
This animated feature film takes a comic, irreverent look at American history. Netflix Original

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