Picture from Coming to Netflix: January 2021

Coming to Netflix: January 2021

Coming to Netflix: January 2021

Netflix has another full schedule and some promising original films to kick off 2021. (Reviews for original productions will be published on the day of release.)

January 1st:

17 Again Floundering in his marriage and awash with regrets for lost opportunities, Mike desperately wishes he could be “17 again”. Mysteriously, his wishes come true and he finds himself attending high school with his own teenage kids. PG-13, Grade: B

30 Minutes or Less A pizza delivery boy is blackmailed into committing a bank robbery in “30 minutes or less”. Restricted, Content details only.

Blue Streak To avoid arrest, a thief hides a huge diamond in the air duct of a partially constructed building. Two years later, he returns to the building, only to discover that it’s the new home of the Los Angeles Police Department. Desperate to recover his loot, he decides to pass as a police officer. PG-13, Grade: C-

Catch Me If You Can Frank Abagnale is in high school but he looks much older – and he has a knack for forgery. In this true story, he uses his skills to pose as a pilot, doctor, and lawyer, passing bad checks all the while. But the FBI has him in their sights….PG-13, Grade: B-

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Flint thinks he’s finally created the perfect invention – a machine that turns water into tasty food. That is, until a power surge blows the machine into the sky and giant foodstuffs start falling to earth. PG, Grade: A-

Four Christmases Unable to come up with believable excuses, Kate and Brad find themselves spending part of Christmas Day with each of their four parents. That’s a lot of turkey…PG-13, Grade: C-

Fred Claus When Fred Claus’s criminal activities land him in jail, his little brother, Santa, arranges for him to do his community service time at the North Pole. But Fred hasn’t turned over a new leaf – he decides to lead the elves astray. PG, Grade: B-

Julie & Julia Julie Powell is a secretary who cooks to relieve stress. Challenging herself to prepare all of the recipes in Julia Child’s cookbook, she then blogs about it. The movie weaves back and forth between Julie’s attempts to cook the meals, and Julia Child’s efforts to create them. PG-13, Grade: A-

Mud Exploring along the riverbank, two young boys find a man who’s hiding from the law while trying to find his true love. PG-13, Grade: C

Sex and the City 2 Carrie and friends take an exotic vacation to Abu Dhabi in hopes of dinging equally exotic romantic adventures. Restricted, Content details only.

Sherlock Holmes This take on the world’s greatest detective has him fighting (literally) with an evil villain with apparent clairvoyant supernatural powers.

Unknown Having been left comatose after a car crash, a man awakens to discover that his identity has been stolen. With even his wife unwilling to acknowledge him, the man goes in search of the truth. PG-13, Grade: C+

January 5th:

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Henrik is convinced that his grand-niece was murdered 40 years ago. Unable to uncover the facts, he recruits a journalist to help him, who in turn enlists a computer hacker. Restricted, Content details only.

January 7th:

Pieces of a Woman (Netflix Original) When a baby dies during a home birth, the mother’s mourning fractures her life and relationships. Restricted

January 8th:

Charming (Netflix Original) An animated fairytale, this movie tells the tale of Prince Charming, who must find his true love by his 21st birthday or all the love in his fair land will disappear for good. G

January 10th:

Spring Breakers Four college girls are looking for a good time over spring break, which apparently involves drugs, sex, and robbery, along with befriending a drug lord. Restricted, Grade: D

January 11th:

Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy (Netflix Original documentary)

January 15th:

Hook Peter Banning isn’t enjoying his holiday. First, he had to fly in a plane. Second, his kids have been kidnapped by someone named Hook. Third, his Granny Wendy has just told him that he’s really Peter Pan and needs to go to the rescue. PG, Grade: B+

Outside the Wire (Netflix Original) This futuristic thriller tells the story of a drone pilot working with an android officer in order to prevent a nuclear attack. Restricted

Penguins of Madagascar: The Movie Everyone’s favorite flightless waterfowl are back. This time, the zany penguins are secret agents tasked with, you guessed it, saving the world. PG, Grade: B

January 16th:

A Monster Calls Bullied at school and terrified that his sick mother might die, Connor desperately needs help. Then a giant talking tree-like creature pays him a visit. PG-13, Grade: B+

p>Radium Girls When factory workers get sick from radium exposure in the 1920s, a group of their colleagues band together to call for safe working conditions. (Our review will be posted on release date.)

January 18th:

Homefront A retired DEA agent moves to the country to spend peaceful time with his family. But instead of dealing with drug lords, he’s now facing a local thug. Restricted, Content details only.

January 20th:

Sightless (Netflix Original) A woman has been brutally attacked and left blind. Now she’s convinced that her assailant is stalking her, but no one believes her. Unrated

January 22nd:

The White Tiger (Netflix Original) This Indian film follows the life of a man born poor in a poverty-stricken village who becomes a wealthy entrepreneur and loses his moral compass. Restricted

January 27th:

Penguin Bloom (Netflix original) Set in Australia, this drama follows the changes that come to a family after the mother is paralyzed.

January 29th:

Finding ‘Ohana. (Netflix Original) This comedy tells the tale of two siblings who travel from Brooklyn to Oahu only to discover treasure. PG

The Dig (Netflix Original) Starring Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan, this historical film recounts the archaeological dig that uncovered the famed site of Sutton Hoo. PG-13

January 31st

Fatima The Miracle of Fatima, which occurred in Portugal in 1917, is the subject of this movie. After three shepherd children repeatedly see the Virgin Mary, a large crowd witnesses an inexplicable solar phenomenon. PG-13, Grade: B+

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