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Coming to Netflix in April 2020

Netflix is leading the pack with original productions in April, and it’s also bringing some theatrical movies to the small screen.

April 1

Minority Report: Tom Cruise stars in this taut drama set in a world where crime has disappeared because police can read people’s minds and catch them before they kill. But what happens when that technology misfires? (PG-13, Grade: C)

Molly’s Game: Retired Olympic skier Molly Bloom is running an exclusive poker game for the ultra rich. But when the FBI finds the Russian mob at her gaming tables, she might lose all her winnings. (R, Grade: C)

Promised Land: A movie about fracking, this stars Matt Damon as the rep for a natural gas company who’s trying to persuade farmers to sign over their drilling rights. (R, Grade: B-)

Salt: Angelina Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, a CIA officer accused of being a Russian spy who goes on the run to prove her innocence. (PG-13, Grade: C-)

Sherlock Holmes: Everyone’s favorite Victorian detective returns to the big screen in the guise of an action hero as Holmes and Watson team up to defeat a criminal mastermind who wants to control the world. (PG-13, Grade: B-)

The Death of Stalin: This very dark comedy takes a spin on the power struggle that followed the death of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. (R, Grade: C-)

The Matrix: The nature of reality itself comes under question in a film where a computer hacker named Neo discovers that what he sees might not be real. (R, Grade: B-)

The Matrix Reloaded: Neo is hiding out and trying to prevent an army of probes from discovering Zion, their subterranean hideout. (R: Grade, C-)

The Matrix Revolutions: Neo and some followers head up to the surface of the planet in the hopes of stopping the war against them before everyone is destroyed. (R, Grade: C)

The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Shy and unhappy, Charlie dreads beginning his freshman year at high school. But then he meets Patrick and Sam, who include Charlie in their group of “misfit toys”. Together, they navigate the challenges of high school, adolescence, and mental illness. (PG-13, Grade: C)

The Roommate: Forget the normal challenges of college roommates – dirty clothes, loud music, weird boyfriends. Sara has a roommate who just might be the death of her. (PG-13, Grade: D+)

The Runaways: Based on the experience of a rock-and-roll band known as The Runaways, this movie tells the tale of the three female musicians as they try to succeed in the male-dominated music world of the 1970s. (Restricted)

The Social Network: Socially inept computer nerd Mark Zuckerberg is a Harvard undergrad when he sets up a website where guys can rate the girls on campus. The site crashes the school’s server and gets Mark put on probation. But that doesn’t stop him and he and a friend develop a bigger social networking site – later to become Facebook. (PG-13, Grade: C)

Deep Impact: Earth is in danger from a giant meteor heading straight towards us. The solution – send a spacecraft to land on the meteor and blow up enough warheads to change its course. (PG-13, Grade: C+)

April 3

Angel Has Fallen There’s another attempt made on the life of President Trumbull and this time Mike Banning is suspect number one. So he goes on the run to catch the real culprit. (R, Grade: D-)

April 10

Love. Wedding. Repeat. Jack wants to be sure his sister has the perfect wedding day. But he didn’t expect to deal with alternate realities of the same day. (Unrated. This is a new movie and our review will be posted on April 10th.)

The Main Event A young boy dreams of being a wrestling champion with the WWE. When he finds a mask that gives him special powers, it looks like his dream will come true. (Unrated. This is a new production and our review will be released on opening day.)

Tigertail A young man pursues his own American dream as he emigrates from Taiwan to the USA. He starts a family and struggles to reconcile his American life with his past in Taiwan. (Unrated. This new production will be reviewed on April 10th.)

April 16

Despicable Me Gru is a super-villain who adopts three orphans so they can help him with his evil plot to steal the moon. (PG, Grade: B)

April 18

The Green Hornet Bored with his life as the scion of a newspaper family, Britt Reid wants more. Kato, his father’s mechanic, helps Britt come up with a secret identity – the Green Hornet, a masked superhero. (PG-13, Grade: D+)

April 22

The Willoughbys The four Willoughby children are exasperated by their parents who are entirely wrapped up in each other. Deciding they would be better off without mom and dad, the kids send them off on a long (and dangerous) vacation. But even the best laid plans don’t always work out as expected. (PG. This is a new movie and will be reviewed on opening day.)

April 24

Extraction Tyler Rake is a mercenary who’s been hired to rescue a crime lord’s kidnapped son. Expect plenty of violence. (R. This is a new movie and the review will be posted on opening day.)

April 25

The Artist Silent movie star George Valentin is at the top of his career until the motion picture industry starts experimenting with sound. As his career fades, a young actress named Peppy Miller sees hers rise. (PG-13, Grade: B+)

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