Minority Report parents guide

Minority Report Parent Guide

Overall C

Murder has been eradicated from Washington DC through the use of precognitive technology that allows police to arrest would be murderers prior to committing their crime. But the tables are turned when the head of the experimental program (played by Tom Cruise) is marked as the next murderer.

Release date June 20, 2002

Violence D+
Sexual Content C-
Profanity C-
Substance Use D

Why is Minority Report rated PG-13? The MPAA rated Minority Report PG-13

Run Time: 145 minutes

Parent Movie Review

Murder has ceased to exist in Washington DC… or at least that’s the vision in Steven Spielberg’s latest epic Minority Report. It’s the year 2054, and the Justice Department is coming to the end of a six-year experiment that has allowed police to arrest would-be murderers before they commit their crimes. Now the promoters of “Precrime” are sponsoring a vote to implement the plan nationwide.

Precrime is the result of harnessing precognitive technologies, with the heart of the system revolving around three individuals floating in an eerie solution with dozens of wires connected to their heads. These “pre-cogs” are kept in a state of semi-consciousness, allowing them to continually dream-specifically about the future and murders that will take place in metro DC. Using display screens, technicians can see what the pre-cogs envision, and under the direction of Precrime’s adamant supporter, Chief John Anderton (Tom Cruise), arrests are made.

It all works perfectly until the pre-cogs see Anderton murdering a man he’s never met. Now he is the target of the very system he helped to build.

Using a variety of production techniques, Spielberg’s futuristic environment even surpasses his visual efforts in AI. Fortunately, the story is more solid as well, and delivers a provocative argument about our abilities to make choices for ourselves-no matter what someone says the future is about to bring.

But the frequent inclusion of gratuitous violence along with a couple of brief but needlessly explicit sexual moments prevents this fine film from achieving “A” status. Characters are brutally shot on-screen with bullet impacts and blood depicted. When the guns are quiet, brutal hand-to-hand combat with kicks and other assorted weapons are substituted.

Another source of gore: Retinal scans are required prior to entering everything from a subway to a GAP store, leading to a black market in replacing eyeballs. One drug dependent character is seen with empty sockets, while another carries his replaced eyeballs in a small bag.

While artistically solid, the noted content (and some profanities) will prevent many families from putting Minority Report on their future movie list.

Starring Tom Cruise. Running time: 145 minutes. Theatrical release June 20, 2002. Updated

Minority Report
Rating & Content Info

Why is Minority Report rated PG-13? Minority Report is rated PG-13 by the MPAA

Overall: C
Murder has been eradicated from Washington DC through the use of precognitive technology that allows police to arrest would be murderers prior to committing their crime. But the tables are turned when the head of the experimental program is marked as the next murderer. Unfortunately the positive message about self-determination in this well-constructed sci-fi thriller is bloated with violence and a few heady sexual moments, making it an unlikely choice for family viewing.
Violence: D+
Graphic scene of multiple murder includes victim stabbed in chest with scissors, bloody bath water and intense hand-to-hand fighting—scene is repeated numerous times.  Bodies are seen floating under water.  Scissors are poked through the eyes of a man’s picture. SWAT-like team of police officers raid house and jump through windows, fighting ensues.  Man’s face with eyeless sockets is revealed. Jump scene shows woman grabbing a man. Government official breaks into suspect’s home. Characters draw guns on others on several occasions. Character jumps from car to car on roadway. Character falls through plate glass window. Large dog jumps at character. Man is pursued by police, includes hand-to-hand combat, kicking and punching. Men with rocket packets blast through walls and set objects on fire. Man hit with car door. Characters shot with force waves. Fighting characters fall onto conveyor belt and are threatened by machinery. Man trespasses on property. Man is poisoned. Woman cuts hand on plant. Man repeatedly fires shots at character. Character is unknowingly injected with anesthetic. Man briefly discusses setting people on fire. Woman briefly discusses a man’s supposed suicidal tendency. Police raid an apartment building with robotic spider-like creatures causing fear among the tenants. Man in water is shocked by electronic devices. Characters with bloody injuries are seen in several scenes. Girl’s body twitches and writhes as a result of visions in her head. Girl is kidnapped and characters try to out run police. Scenes of woman being drown and man being shot is repeatedly seen. Man is shot; impact of bullet is depicted and blood oozes from chest. Woman draws gun on man and assists in a jailbreak. Man is shot; smoke from bullet shot is seen. People discuss rapes and murders. A child is kidnapped.
Sexual Content: C-
Couple, in adulterous relationship, kiss passionately and begin to undress. Woman wears semi-transparent body suit. Man briefly discusses unwanted homosexual advances in prison. Woman pinches man’s buttocks. Brief scene shows couple during intercourse. Woman kisses man. Couple kisses. Man has sex with holographic women. Brief crude comments made about sexual activities and in reference to a woman. Woman, on computer screen, dances seductively. Man accused of being a pedophile.
Language: C-
Includes at least: One use of an extreme sexual expletive, two crude terms for sexual relations, one crude anatomical term, 13 moderate and 11 mild profanities and 10 terms of Deity used as an expletive.
Alcohol / Drug Use: D
Law enforcement officer purchases and repeatedly uses street drugs as a means of dealing with the loss of a loved one. Several references made to illegal drugs. Character discusses the effects of drug use by mothers during their pregnancies. Man uses illegal drug to numb discomfort following surgery. Character depicted as being high on drugs. Man uses a drug to temporarily distort his face. Characters drink alcoholic beverages with dinner and to relieve stress. Characters are injected with drugs to induce meditative state.
Miscellaneous Concerns:
Characters cross themselves in a religious manner on at least two occasions. Characters are denied their individual rights in order to assist a governmental agency. Characters give religious reverence to human characters. Man is depicted as being an unethical employee. Man vomits.  Doctor performs black-market surgery in unsanitary conditions. Surgically removed eyeballs are shown on several occasions, includes some blood.  Character eats moldy food. Character shown with nasal discharge. Characters steal item from store kiosk.

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Minority Report Parents' Guide

The society depicted here is convinced that their future has already been determined. Is it dangerous to believe your destiny is in the hands of fate?

A character says the “pre-cogs” provide hope of the existence of a divine being. Do you agree? What things in this world would indicate the evidence of a divine being to you?

Invasion of privacy is rampant in this society. People are eye-scanned continuously and the “pre-cogs” have their individual rights removed for the benefit of the society at large. Do you think this type of activity is acceptable? Do the benefits outweigh the personal invasion of privacy?

Home Video

The most recent home video release of Minority Report movie is December 17, 2002. Here are some details…

Minority Report releases as a DVD/Blu-ray Combo on April 20, 2010.

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