Picture from Coming to Hulu in April 2020

Coming to Hulu in April 2020

Hulu is coming out with movies for all ages in April. Click below for links to our reviews on each film.

April 1

The Ant BullyAfter being bullied at school and neglected at home, Lucas decides to pick on something more his size. However, the ants of the hill he chooses do not appreciate his unwarranted attack. To help him understand life from their perspective, the industrious insects give the young boy a taste of his own medicine by shrinking him and bringing him into the colony. (PG, Grade:B)

Bend It Like Beckham Jess just wants to play football (soccer) with the boys. But her traditional parents want her to learn to cook and find a nice Indian husband. (PG-13, B+)

Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who Horton is a gentle elephant who somehow manages to hear a Who – a tiny creature living on a microscopic dust speck. Unfortunately, nobody else believes these creatures exist. (G, Grade: A-)

Get Smart You know the world is in trouble when agent Maxwell Smart is the best bet to save everyone. Luckily, Agent 99 is on the case. (PG-13, Grade: C)

Romancing the Stone and The Jewel of the Nile Both movies follow the adventures of Joan Wilder, a romance novelist, and Jack Colton, quick-thinking opportunist, in Colombia and then in Africa. (Both rated PG, grades: C- and D+ respectively)

The League of Extraordinary GentlemenA retired British adventurer is called to the service of the Crown and winds up working with the who’s who of Victorian literature – not the authors, but their characters. (PG-13, Grade: B)

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa Their original escape from the New York City Zoo has stranded the animal friends in Madagascar. Now they have a chance to leave Madagascar. The catch? The trip has been arranged by the penguins. (PG, Grade: B)

Misery When a famous novelist has a car accident on a remote highway, he’s grateful that the person who found him is a fan. But then he learns that “fan” is short for “fanatic” and something’s not quite right with his rescuer. (R, Grade: C)

Risky BusinessWhen Jack’s parents go out of town, he decides to try something new. Who knew that turning the family home into a brothel could cause so much trouble? (R. Content description only.)

Let Me In Bullying victim Owen is grateful to have found a new friend in Abby. But he doesn’t know that Abby has a secret – she’s a vampire. (R. Content description only.)

Spider-Man When his uncle is killed in a botched robbery, Peter Parker finally finds a use for the strange powers he acquired when he was bitten by a spider. Now he’s taking on the criminal underworld, including the mysterious Green Goblin. (PG-13, Grade: B-)

Zombieland This darkly comic horror movie follows a zombie apocalypse. The few surviving humans band together for protection – and proceed to kill as many zombies as they can slaughter in 88 minutes. (R, Content description only.)

April 8

Parasite This Academy Award winning Korean production tells the tale of the Kim family who discover that working for the Park family could be their ticket out of poverty. (R, Grade: C+)

April 14

Unlocked CIA operative Alice Racine senses something wrong about her current assignment, only to find herself embroiled in a case of terrorists and biological warfare. (R, Content description only)

April 15

The Messenger Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery is assigned to break the bad news to the families of those killed in action. He’s horrified to learn that this can be as dangerous as his battlefield service. (R, Content description only.)

April 24

Abominable Running from her sorrow over her father’s death, Yi stays too busy to grieve. Then one day she befriends a wounded Yeti and travels across China to return him to his Himalayan home. (PG, Grade: A)

April 29

Footloose When a big city kid moves to a small town where dancing is banned by city council, he launches a teen revolt. After all, “you’ve gotta cut loose, footloose.” (PG-13, Grade: C-)

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