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Coming to Disney+: September 2000

The big news this month is Mulan, which is being released on September 4th. There’s lots more coming for family movie night, so scroll down and check it out.

September 1st:

Cinderella: This live action remake of the classic animated tale features the famous blue dress, an all-star cast, and the maxim: “Have courage and be kind”. Suitable for all ages. PG, Grade: A

September 4th:

Mulan: After its March release was postponed by the coronavirus pandemic, Mulan is finally coming to Disney’s streaming platform. But you’ll have to pay extra. Disney+ subscribers will be charged $30 ($34.99 in Canada) to buy the movie. (Note: if you cancel your Disney+ subscription, you lose access to the film.) Don’t expect this to be a live-action remake of the animated classic either. The plot follows the same basic outline, with Mulan masquerading as a man and taking her father’s place in the Chinese Army. There, the similarities end. This live action version features large-scale fight scenes and a witch and has a PG-13 rating. We’re assuming you shouldn’t watch it with your 6 year old and we’ll let you know as soon as we’ve had a chance to see it and post our review.

D2: The Mighty Ducks: The Ducks are back with the perpetual underdogs heading to Iceland for a Goodwill Games tournament. PG, Grade: C+

Never Been Kissed: Rookie reporter Josie Geller has an unusual assignment: go undercover to high school as a student and write a feature explaining teen culture. Josie’s normally keen on new assignments, but high school was the most embarrassing part of her life. PG-13, Grade: C

Strange Magic: With a plot inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Beauty and the Beast, this animated feature tells the story of a social climber who decides that he needs a love potion to bewitch the princess. PG, Grade: B-

The Wolverine: Brooding over his lost love, Wolverine wishes his life would end. It appears that his wish might come true when his former POW camp guard comes after him, seeking the source of Wolverine’s immortality. PG-13, Grade: C

September 11th:

Christopher Robin. With his years in the Hundred Acre Wood far behind him, Christopher Robin is struggling to balance a demanding job while finding time for his wife and daughter. In the meantime, a crisis sends Winnie the Pooh to London in search of his old friend. PG, Grade: A+

September 18th:

Bend It Like Beckham: Jess just wants to play football (a.k.a. soccer) in the big leagues. Her traditional parents want her to have an arranged marriage with a nice Sikh boy. What’s a girl to do? PG-13, Grade: B+

Ever After: A Cinderella Story. This live action version of the beloved fairy tale features Drew Barrymore as a sassy cinder wench who captures the heart of the prince. PG, Grade: B+

September 25th:

Oceans:This stunning Disneynature documentary goes under the sea to follow the activities and environments of a host of maritime creatures. G, Grade: A-

Secret Society of Second-Born Royals: Who knew that second born royal children are blessed (or cursed) with a genetic irregularity that gives them superpowers? “With great power comes great responsibility” and these young people are going to have to save the world.

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