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Coming to Disney+ in April 2020

Disney+ is bringing a mix of movies to its streaming platform this month. We’re providing links to our reviews with a detailed explanation of our movie grades.

April 1

Dolittle He can talk to the animals, but Dr. Dolittle can’t cope with the grief of his wife’s death. He only emerges from his estate when Queen Victoria demands he go on a quest to find the cure for her terminal illness. (PG, Grade: C+)

Frankenweenie A young scientist decides to beat death by stitching his newly deceased dog back to life. The results aren’t quite what he expects in this animated Tim Burton film. (PG, Grade: C+)

The Last Song This teen tearjerker stars Miley Cyrus as an adolescent who’s angry about being sent to spend the summer with her father. But the town features a beach, a handsome young man, and lots of music. Could be worse. (PG, Grade: B-)

Mars Needs Moms Milo sometimes finds his mom annoying. But when aliens kidnap her to raise their own kids, Milo stows away on the spacecraft to rescue her. (PB, Grade: B-)

The Odd Life of Timothy Green This fantastical tale features a childless couple who find the baby they always wanted in their vegetable garden. They adopt him and he grows into their lives. (PG, Grade: A-)

Prom Teens who aren’t able to have prom this year might enjoy this story about the head of the prom committee and a motley assortment of fellow students. (PG, Grade: B+)

April 3

Penguins This 2019 Disneynature docudrama follows the adventures of a clueless but determined penguin as he faces his first year as an adult in the harsh environment of Antarctica. (G, Grade: A)

Elephant A brand new Disneynature production, this film observes a herd of African elephants as they travel across the Kalahari Desert. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, narrates the story of mother elephant Shani and her son Jomo. Our review will be posted when it begins streaming on April 3rd. (G)

Dolphin Reef Echo is a bottle nose dolphin full of curiosity and desire for adventure. But Echo needs to start taking on adult responsibilities. Our review of this Disneynature feature will be up on opening day, April 3rd. (G)

The Straight Story This is based on the true story of Alvin Straight, an eccentric senior citizen, who gets news of his brother’s stroke and decides to end their decade of estrangement. But Alvin doesn’t have a driver’s license, so he uses his ride-on lawnmower to travel across the Midwest. (G, Grade: A)

Onward Covid-19 theater closures knocked Pixar’s magical hit Onward off the big screen and onto Disney+. This enchanting tale follows two brothers, who have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend a day with the father who died so many years ago. But the brothers will have to combine their talents and interests to achieve their dream…. (PG, Grade: A)

April 30

National Treasure This wildly implausible story about massive hidden treasure, clues encoded on the Declaration of Independence, and a fast-paced romp through American historical sites, makes for a fun popcorn movie. (PG, Grade: A-)

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