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Coming to Disney+: February 2021

Disney’s leaning into TV series this month with its new series Wanda Vision and the old TV episodes of The Muppet Show. But there are a couple of new movies coming this month, mixed in with old classics.

February 5th:

Upside Down Magic (Disney+ Original Movie) Nory has been sent to the world’s greatest magic school, only to learn that her powers are “upside down magic” which are dangerous and uncontrollable. She’s supposed to unlearn magic; instead, she and her friends are going need to save the world. TV-PG

February 12th:

You Again When Marni comes home for her brother’s wedding, she’s horrified to discover that the bride was the high school bully who tormented her throughout her teen years. Her mother tries to help her forget the past, but then an old enemy of hers turns up. PG, Grade: B-

February 19th:

Flora and Ulysses (Disney+ Original Movie) Fans of the Newberry award-winning novel will be thrilled to watch as Flora rescues a squirrel who happens to be a superhero. PG

The Book of Life After two years in Spain, Maria’s return to her village has set two swains aflutter: Manolo, the bullfighter, and Joaquin, a decorated war hero. As Maria struggles to choose, her departed ancestors decide they need to get involved…PG, Grade: B

Cheaper by the Dozen When Kate’s publisher sends her on a book tour, her husband, Tom, is left to move into a new home, get used to a new coaching gig, and be responsible for their 12 children. PG, Grade: B

Cheaper by the Dozen 2 The Baker clan are back, this time enjoying a lakeside vacation. All’s well until Tom runs into his high school nemesis, Jim Murtaugh. Now Tom’s determined to prove that his kids can win the annual Labor Day challenge. PG, Grade: B

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Upside-Down Magic

Upside-Down Magic

Acceptance is the real magic.

Flora & Ulysses

Flora & Ulysses

And to think you thought squirrels were pests...