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Coming to Disney+: April 2021

There’s nothing new coming to Disney+ this month but a few classics will be hitting the streaming service.

April 2:

The Big Year Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson star as birdwatchers whose rivalry peaks during the annual bird count. PG, Grade: A-

Night at the MuseumWhen Larry gets a job at the museum, he has no idea that the exhibits come to life after dark. When he finds himself in the sights of some canny thieves, he needs to find his courage and work with the museum’s characters to save the day. PG, Grade: B+

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Not every museum is musty and dusty and dull. But you can have too much excitement, especially when despots memorialized in the museum decide to take over the world. PG, Grade: B-

April 9:

Man of the House When Ben’s mom starts dating a lawyer (played by Chevy Chase), Ben does everything he can to keep the two apart. PG, Grade: B-

April 16:

White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf This kid-friendly adventure features gold, wolves, Indians, river rapids, mild romance, and a suitable bad guy. PG, Grade: B

The Kid Who Would Be King Running from bullies, Alex stumbles across a sword, which turns out to be Excalibur, the enchanted sword belonging to the legendary King Arthur. Now Alex must work with his enemies to save England from the sorceress Morgana and her undead soldiers. PG, Grade: B-

RioBlu was just an ordinary pet macaw until he is whisked off to Brazil by an ornithologist who wants to “introduce” Blu to a female macaw he owns. When the two birds get birdnapped, their relationship changes. PG, Grade: B+

April 23

Baby’s Day Out When Baby Bink is supposed to have his portrait taken, he is abducted by three crooks, whom he evades throughout the movie’s runtime. PG, Grade: C-

April 30:

The Lone Ranger When a young lawyer is ambushed and left for dead he’s rescued by a Native American warrior named Tonto and a legend is born. This is a surprisingly violent retelling of the familiar story and the PG-13 rating should be taken seriously. PG-13, Grade: C

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