White Fang 2: Myth Of The White Wolf parents guide

White Fang 2: Myth Of The White Wolf Parent Guide

Overall B

Violence B-
Sexual Content A
Profanity A-
Substance Use --

Why is White Fang 2: Myth Of The White Wolf rated PG? The MPAA rated White Fang 2: Myth Of The White Wolf PG

Parent Movie Review

White Fang 2 follows Henry Casey (Scott Bairstow), the friend that was left behind by Jack to watch the claim and take care of White Fang in the first movie. Henry has done well with his gold, and now has a few bags hidden under the floor that need to be taken to town. He loads the gold, supplies, and White Fang on a raft and drifts off down the river, only to run into a mean set of rapids. Soon the gold, Henry, and White Fang are heading down the river separately.

An Indian girl, Lily (Charmaine Craig), saves Henry, and takes him back to her village. The Indians are starving due to a lack of caribou, and Lily feels that Henry was sent to them by the gods to help with their problem. One thing leads to another, including Henry falling in love with Lily, White Fang falling in love with a she-wolf, and the bad guys all getting put in their place.

There is some shooting, but overall the violence is very mild, and should be appropriate for all the family. There is no sexual content, and the language is tame. My main problem with the content is that the minister winds up being the bad guy. Script writers find it so tempting to use religious leaders for crooks, probably hoping to surprise the audience. The problem is we have seen it so often, that now a white collar in a movie immediately draws suspicion. Hopefully, our children will not view the real clergy in the same fashion.

Otherwise, White Fang 2 delivers a solid family adventure, with mining and Indian communities that look like model railroad towns, followed by a happy and contrived ending. All this means that the kids should love it, and the parents will at least find it interesting.

Starring Scott Bairstow, Charmaine Craig. Updated