Are R-ratings or Poor Quality to Blame for Box Office Woes

Universal chairman Adam Fogelson is challenging studios to rethink release dates for their movies. While summer has long been the season for big blockbusters to make their way into theaters, Fogelson recently urged moviemakers to consider releasing their movies any time of the year. He cited the success of movies like “Fast & Furious” which opened in April and “The Hungry Games” that released in March.

He also argued this year’s dismal showing at the box office isn’t because Hollywood has released more R-rated movies. Rather he suggests the box office reflects on the quality of the movies being made, many of which he refers to as “strange.”

In a Cinemacon report , Fogelson also admits his company has been forced to consider alternate release dates for their movies because they haven’t held the rights to the big tentpole productions that are usually released in the summer months.

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