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5 Things to Love about Captain America

What’s not to love about Captain America? This war hero from the 1940s has been charming girls and saving fellow soldiers for decades—minus the time he spent in the deep freeze. Unfortunately some might consider him old-fashioned, archaic—even obsolete. But here are 5 things to love about Captain America.

1. Okay let’s get the obvious out of the way first. He’s good-looking whether you’re from a generation that says hot, handsome or hubba hubba. No other superhero fills out his Under Armour running shirt quite as nicely as Captain America. But…

2. He’s modest about it. None of that narcissistic, navel-gazing some other Avengers are inclined to do. Even when Cap is running around the National Mall, he keeps his shirt on, adhering to that old cliché that less is more as in less exposure can in fact be more attractive.

3. He values friendships. Although his mandate is to save the world, the Captain takes an afternoon to quietly sit by the bedside of an old friend and reminisce about the past. You’ve got to like a guy who knows how to balance his priorities.

4. He maintains his principles in a society filled with corrupt politicians and untrustworthy peers. He fought for freedom and justice in World War II and is doing it again in the 21st century. But he isn’t afraid or too proud to acknowledge when things have run off the tracks and need a reboot.

5. However Captain American isn’t content to just talk about ideals. He is a man of action. He puts aside his own comforts, and even some personal interests, for the greater good in the same way our military personnel do today. And in the end, the world is a better place because of it.

Way to go Captain America! We need more heroes like you.

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