W.C. Fields Comedy Collection parents guide

W.C. Fields Comedy Collection Parent Guide

Overall B-

Violence C
Sexual Content B
Profanity B
Substance Use C

Why is W.C. Fields Comedy Collection rated Not Rated? The MPAA rated W.C. Fields Comedy Collection Not Rated

Parent Movie Review

Fans of the famous king of comedy known for his white gloves, top hat, and muttering out of the side of his mouth, can now catch five of his classic acts in the DVD compilation, W.C. Fields’ Comedy Collection.

Watch his crazy cops and robbers chase in The Bank Dick. See how his frustration grows when he marries Miss Flower Belle Lee (Mae West) in My Little Chickadee. You’ll know You Can’t Cheat an Honest Man after a performance of Circus Giganticus, (and a chat with ventriloquist Edgar Bergman). Meet Baby Leroy in It’s a Gift, and invite George Burns and Gracie Allen along for a visit to International House.

Included in the box set is the episode of Biography dedicated to the life of W. C. Fields. Through interviews with friends, family, and colleagues, the rather tragic beginning of a boy raised by an abusive, alcoholic father unfolds. Running away from home at the age of fourteen, Fields made his living as a juggler, before evolving into a comedian. It is also revealed that the hard-drinking character he perfected for the screen was really a mirror image of his own reality. Although it contains a smattering of profanities, the documentary provides some interesting insights about the legendary figure.

Those familiar with Fields’ work will be aware his brand of humor sometimes pushes the limits of family friendly. Even though very little objectionable content is visible, themes, attitudes and innuendo may still present concerns.

Starring W.C. Fields. Updated

W.C. Fields Comedy Collection Parents' Guide

In the documentary we learn Fields was forced to choose between fatherhood and his career. If you were in a similar position, what course would you follow? How do you feel you can make your greatest contribution to society?

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