The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep parents guide

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep Parent Guide

Overall B

When Angus MacMorrow (Alex Etel) finds an unusual, egg-shaped rock along the shore of the loch, he thinks the discovery can be his little secret. But big trouble emerges after a mysterious, rapidly growing creature hatches out of Angus's treasure.

Release date December 24, 2007

Violence B-
Sexual Content B+
Profanity B
Substance Use B-

Why is The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep rated PG? The MPAA rated The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep PG for some action/peril, mild language and brief smoking.

Parent Movie Review

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep is a classic boy and his dog story, only this time the “dog” is a magical sea creature. Water-wary Angus MacMorrow (Alex Etel) finds a crustacean covered egg in a rocky Scottish tide pool and drags it home to his workshop where it hatches.

Swearing his sister, Kirstie (Priyanka Xi), and Lewis Mowbray (Ben Chaplin), the family handyman, to secrecy, he introduces them to his new pet. But much to the boy’s surprise, the little creature grows incredibly fast. Before long he is bigger than the garbage can, the bathtub and lastly the outside goldfish pond where Angus has kept him hidden. Worried that the rest of the house staff will discover the mythical animal, Lewis encourages Angus to haul the burgeoning beast—now named Crusoe—to the nearby loch.

However the lonely youngster is hesitant to set Crusoe free. Since his father (Craig Hall) left to serve in the Second World War, there’s been a huge hole in the child’s life. Recently, Captain Hamilton (David Morrissey) and his officers have arrived with a regiment of soldiers. Assigned to protect the loch from incoming German submarines, they’ve set up a base camp on the estate where Alex lives with his housekeeper mother, Anne (Emily Watson). Their presence is a constant reminder of the European conflict and only adds to the boy’s anxiety.

Finally realizing that Crusoe is more than he can handle at home, Angus agrees to take the creature to the waterway. But that doesn’t solve the boy’s problems. Two local fishermen sight the monstrous swimmer and start spreading tales in the pub. The soldiers stationed on the hill overlooking the loch also become trigger-happy when they spot an unidentified object moving in the loch.

Mild profanities and frequent depictions of cigarette and alcohol use make up most of the movie’s content concerns, along with some perilous moments for Angus and his water horse. Guns and cannons are aimed at innocent victims during war maneuvers as well.

Fortunately the lush Scottish landscape and gentle storyline of a boy’s coming of age add to the movie’s magic. Good performances by child actors and adults also round out this tale of Loch Ness’s most famous resident. And although the script flounders momentarily, Crusoe and Angus still manage to bring enough enchantment to the screen to keep the attention of most younger audience members reined in.

Starring Emily Watson, Alex Etel, Ben Chaplin, David Morrissey, Brian Cox.. Theatrical release December 24, 2007. Updated

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep
Rating & Content Info

Why is The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep rated PG? The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep is rated PG by the MPAA for some action/peril, mild language and brief smoking.

With German troops moving across Europe, there is plenty of war talk. Soldiers descend on a country estate and take up residence with their guns and artillery. Their presence causes some distress among the local inhabitants. Later the soldiers fire on innocent victims. A young boy faces moments of peril on several occasions, including near drowning. A large sea monster also attacks others. Characters are seen smoking and drinking on numerous occasions. A man and woman share a kiss. Profanities, some terms of Deity and repeated uses of “bloody” are contained in the script.

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The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep Parents' Guide

Although he is afraid of water, Angus rows out on the loch without a life jacket. How does this scene depict the change in safety standards over the past decades?

What does Captain Hamilton do when he uncovers the truth about Lewis Mowbray’s past? How does Anne feel about the Captain and Lewis? How do her attitudes change during the film?

To read more on the famous Surgeon’s Photo of the Loch Ness monster go to

Home Video

The most recent home video release of The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep movie is April 7, 2008. Here are some details…

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep releases as a 2-Disc Special Edition DVD (widescreen and full frame) or in Blu-ray (widescreen). Both versions offer deleted scenes and the following featurettes: Creating Crusoe, Myths and Legends, Setting the Scene, The Characters, The Story and Water Work: Creating the Water Horse. Audio tracks are available in English, French Spanish, Portuguese and Thai, with subtitles in English, French, Spanish, Korean, Thai and Mandarin.

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