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Lindy, our 12-year-old babysitter was thrilled. “Spice World!” she said excitedly the other evening. “Can we watch it now?” It was pushing midnight, and I surmised that these cultural films are best viewed when one is awake enough to appreciate their real value. She had the next day off school, and my screening time was 9 am. She arrived early…

What do these five (now four with Ginger Spice’s departure) women have that makes young girls willing to get out of bed early? Try a highly charged mix of bad attitudes (one member was caught urinating in a potted plant in an LA hotel), skimpy dresses, rebellious lyrics with a good beat, and “Girl Power”—the catch phrase they hand to their audience in exchange for their money.

The movie Spice World is yet another marketing tool to put the Spice Girls in front of their fans. It offers musical moments tied together with short skits and skirts. If you remember the Beatles’s movies, then you’ll have an inkling of what this is, except the music isn’t as imaginative and this group will never be immortalized to the degree that we will forgive their inability to act.

The movie spoofs itself and gets around the acting problem by having the girls play themselves; arguing frequently, refusing to work together, dressing like prostitutes, and whining when they don’t get their way. The only positive attribute they show is to an unmarried friend who gives birth to a baby, but the girls’ enthusiasm makes single parenthood look like a party. Add in some mild sexual innuendo along with rear male nudity, and you have a bit too much spice for their young audiences.

Perhaps the character playing their musical director sums up the formulated approach these girls have developed when he tells them that they were perfect, “without being actually any good.” Even Lindy realized the sad truth, providing the C minus for the movie’s overall grade. These girls are in real trouble now…


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