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Patriots Day Parent Guide

The day the Boston Marathon was bombed.

Release date January 13, 2017

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, first responders and investigation personal pulled together to find the those responsible for the act of terror. This movie dramatizes the the events through the eyes of a fictitious police sergeant (played by Mark Wahlberg), with real life players being depicted by John Goodman (Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis), Kevin Bacon (Special Agent Richard Deslauriers) and J.K. Simmons (Sergeant Jeffrey Pugliese).

Why is Patriots Day rated R? The MPA rated Patriots Day R for violence, realistically graphic injury images, language throughout and some drug use.

Run Time: 134 minutes

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Patriots Day
Rating & Content Info

Please Note: We have not viewed this movie. The information below is a summary based on data gathered from government and industry sponsored film classification agencies in various global regions.

Why is Patriots Day rated R? Patriots Day is rated R by the MPAA for violence, realistically graphic injury images, language throughout and some drug use.

- Frequent explicit violence.
- Frequent portrayals of gun, weapons, and hand-to-hand violence, some in a terrorism context.
- Frequent portrayals of injuries and the aftermath of violence with blood, dismemberment, and detail.
- Violent acts shown in realistic detail with blood and tissue damage.
- Frequent gory and grotesque images.
- Upsetting or disturbing scenes.

Sexual Content:
- Sexual language and and vulgar expressions.
- Mild sexual references and innuendo.
- Embracing and kissing.

Approximately 200 instances of coarse language, including:.
- Frequent use of the sexual expletive and variations, sometimes in sexual contexts.
- Frequent use of scatological slang.
- Infrequent use of cursing and profanity.
- Slurs.

Alcohol / Drug Use:
- Tobacco use.
- Alcohol use. 
- Substance abuse.
- Two scenes of drug use involving marijuana

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Cast and Crew

Patriots Day is directed by Peter Berg and stars J.K. Simmons, Mark Wahlberg.

Home Video

The most recent home video release of Patriots Day movie is March 28, 2017. Here are some details…

Patriots Day releases to home video on March 28, 2017.

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