Left Behind: The Movie (2000) parents guide

Left Behind: The Movie (2000) Parent Guide

A news reporter (Kirk Cameron) finds himself with more questions than answers when faced with a world crisis.

Overall B

Based on a popular Christian novel, this film dramatizes one interpretation of the Earth's "last days." Those of differing religious philosophies may not appreciate the movie.

Release date January 26, 2001

Violence C
Sexual Content B+
Profanity A
Substance Use B+

Why is Left Behind: The Movie (2000) rated PG-13? The MPAA rated Left Behind: The Movie (2000) PG-13 for violence

Run Time: 96 minutes

Parent Movie Review

News reporter Buck Williams (Kirk Cameron) is looking for some answers. While interviewing scientist Chaim Rosenzweig (Colin Fox), developer of a secret formula capable of producing food abundantly from barren land, Buck witnesses a military invasion aimed at the Holy Land. Technical difficulties prevent Israel from returning fire, yet the attacking warplanes miraculously fall from the sky before inflicting any harm. Why?

Left Behind: The Movie - Official site A good friend and trusted informant of Buck’s claims to have uncovered a conspiracy to gain world domination. So why won’t he share the details?

And why have children and some adults from all over the world mysteriously disappeared, leaving only their clothes and personal effects behind, creating mass chaos?

While Buck Williams may be confused by all these events, this film adaptation of a popular Christian book by the same name, which is part of a series of eight novels co-authored by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, will present a scenario familiar to its fans. As explained on the movie’s official website , “This is the rapture that God has planned as the first sign to begin the unraveling of the end of time.”

Left Behind: The Movie - Official site Framing a fictionalized story around the belief that God will remove his innocent and faithful children from the earth before pouring out the calamities foretold in the Bible as signs of Jesus Christ’s return to the earth, this film is intended to convey a spiritual message. Certainly it does portray families as important, faith as a positive attribute, and reliance on God as a strength rather than a weakness.

Released on video before playing in theaters, the movie has met with mixed reactions from its intended audience. Some have accused it of being a little preachy and melodramatic, while others have found it motivational.

Left Behind: The Movie - Official site Left Behind: The Movie has enough of an interesting action/adventure plot (containing some violent depictions) to engage even those who view “The Rapture” as a merely curious premise. But it may also leave some audience members wondering why a Jewish character, portrayed as an honorable man, was left behind.

Directed by Vic Sarin. Starring Kirk Cameron, Brad Johnson. Running time: 96 minutes. Theatrical release January 26, 2001. Updated

Left Behind: The Movie (2000)
Rating & Content Info

Why is Left Behind: The Movie (2000) rated PG-13? Left Behind: The Movie (2000) is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for violence

Overall: B
A dramatization containing violent depictions intended for Christians subscribing to this particular interpretation of the “last days.” Those of differing religious philosophies may find the film inappropriate for family viewing.

Violence: C
Large number of war aircraft intent on invasion, shoot at people in field. Some planes drop from sky and explode or burn. Men mention using starvation as a motivator for peace, and “taking care of” security leaks. Car accident victim has blood all over face. Police try to control hysterical people on verge of rioting. Two arguing men swing at each other. Mirror breaks when Bible is thrown at it. Military personnel use a gun to threaten man. Murdered man’s face and arm shown. Man targeted by sniper, several shots result in destruction of property. Man throws ball at cross and knocks it over. Car explodes killing one man. Blood from knee injury shown. Two men shot after begging for life, audience sees assassin pull trigger, then dead bodies with bloody head wounds.

Sexual Content: B+
Implied affair between two adult characters. Some characters playing lesser roles seen wearing halter-tops.

Language: A
Terms of Deity used as proper nouns.

Alcohol / Drug Use: B+
Some characters playing lesser roles portrayed as smokers. Bar scene shows alcoholic beverages. Incidental character depicted as drunkard.

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Although Kirk Cameron brings star appeal to this production, what effect does the young age of the actor have on the believability of his character being a veteran newsman with ex-pentagon informants and clout with UN officials?