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Just Visiting Parent Guide

Overall C

Because an evil rival slips poison into his wine cup, Count Thibault of Malfete's toast to his intended union with the lovely Princess Rosalind goes abruptly wrong.

Release date April 6, 2001

Violence C
Sexual Content B-
Profanity C
Substance Use C+

Why is Just Visiting rated PG-13? The MPAA rated Just Visiting PG-13 for violence and crude humor.

Run Time: 88 minutes

Parent Movie Review

Just Visiting - Official site Because an evil rival slips poison into his wine cup, Count Thibault of Malfete’s (Jean Reno) toast to his intended union with the lovely Princess Rosalind (Christina Applegate) goes abruptly wrong. Whilst under its influence, Thibault turns insane and kills the bride-to-be. When sentenced to death for his actions, his dimwitted servant Andre (Christian Clavier) frantically attempts to put things right by enlisting a wizard (Malcolm McDowell) to bring the lady back from the dead.

Just Visiting - Official site But Mr. Wizard refuses to grant that request, offering instead to send Thibault back in time so he can do things differently. Unfortunately, the wizard has only a few moments to concoct the potion and mistakenly leaves out an ingredient. Consequently, Thibault and Andre find themselves launched from the 12th Century into present day Chicago where they meet Julia (Applegate again), a descendant of Thibault’s who has just inherited the Malfete estate. With Thibault believing Julia is Rosalind, and Julia assuming Thibault is her late cousin who isn’t dead after all, the script presents plenty of obstacles besides the obvious question of how will the Frenchmen ever return to their proper place and time.

Just Visiting - Official site Just Visiting is based on a 1993 French film titled Les Visiteurs, which involved both Christian Clavier and director Jean-Marie Poir0xE9 in penning the script. I’m sure it was hoped the American version would be able to recreate their European success. Yet, deciding to add John Hughes and his love for slapstick silliness to their writing team may have been a mistake—Clavier’s clowning appears to be more than capable of delivering laughs (watching his character master the conveniences of a modern kitchen was the high point of the movie) without Hughes’ trademark bumbling bad guys.

While most of the violence is played for comedy, people do get stabbed and the computer animated monsters and body decompositions may disturb young viewers. The unnecessary inclusion of profanities, rude gestures, and sexual innuendo will also deter the matinee adventure crowd from just visiting this film.

Starring Christina Applegate. Running time: 88 minutes. Theatrical release April 6, 2001. Updated

Just Visiting
Rating & Content Info

Why is Just Visiting rated PG-13? Just Visiting is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for violence and crude humor.

Overall: C
With too little story to interest adults, and too much language and violence for young audiences, even French actor Christian Clavier’s terrific clowning and often hilarious antics can’t rescue this maiden in distress movie about a 12th century French nobleman who gets catapulted into the future.

Violence: C
All violence presented in slapstick/swashbuckling/non-explicit fashion, often using computer animated effects such a bizarre images of deformed people, bodies “melting” or decomposing, and animated monsters. Partially decomposed skull appears in caldron.. Disoriented drugged man attacks crowd of people with his sword, stabbing two of them. Man knocked off wagon and hit on head with sword. Poison put into glass. Two men destroy car with hand weapons. Police seen beating two men. Woman falls from desk. Man throws up in car. Man pulls knife on another man who has been verbally abusing a woman. Man steals purse. Man threatens to cut off thief’s hand. Man causes an explosion, is presumed dead. Dismembered man becomes whole again. Woman hits man in crotch. Police car chase. Police seen with guns drawn. Two men knocked from horses. Mild scatological humor including flatulence and a sight gag involving a urinal deodorizer.

Sexual Content: B-
Clothed man seen with flaming stick between his legs. Sensuously dressed woman (low top, high skirt) attracts male attention by aggressively flaunting herself. Sexual gesture. Sexual statement with double meaning. Wizard mentions he’s chopping a “pork penis.” Engaged man and woman live together while he is also seeing another woman.

Language: C
At least: One sexual hand gesture, 4 moderate profanities, 3 mild profanities, 9 terms of Deity used as profanities or expletives.

Alcohol / Drug Use: C+
Use of wizardry involving poisons and potions. Social drinking, including one scene where a major character and several background characters drink to excess.

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Just Visiting Parents' Guide

The 12th Century characters in this movie have difficulty adapting to the modern world, such as their intolerance of driving speeds we consider normal. If you had to return to the 12th Century, what things might you have trouble adjusting to?

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