Inside The Vatican parents guide

Inside The Vatican Parent Guide

Overall A-

Going where the public eye has never gone before, National Geographic tours Inside The Vatican, showing the leadership seat of the Roman Catholic Church, and providing a vision of its people, places, and possessions.

Violence A-
Sexual Content A-
Profanity A
Substance Use A

Why is Inside The Vatican rated Not Rated? The MPAA rated Inside The Vatican Not Rated

Run Time: 50 minutes

Parent Movie Review

Where can you find a bank machine that allows you to do your transactions in Latin? Only Inside The Vatican! Going where the public eye has never gone before, National Geographic tours the leadership seat of the Roman Catholic Church, and provides a vision of its people, places, and possessions.

Mysterious due to it sacredness and antiquity, the Vatican has played a prominent role in both religious and political history throughout the western world for nearly 2000 years. From its traditions, rituals, and vestments, to its incredible art treasures, enormous library, and secret archives, this virtual visit is like opening a time capsule.

Plunge into New Testament times when a 1940’s renovation crew discovers an ancient cemetery beneath St Peter’s Basilica, reaffirming the belief that the edifice is built upon the grave of Peter the Apostle. Weave through the past as tapestry restorers preserve priceless works of art, one stitch at a time. Watch as paintings, marble statues, and manuscripts undergo painstaking conservation efforts. Find the fingerprints of historical figures as the dirt of the past is brushed away from wax seals on old documents.

Marvel at the present as you observe the day-to-day workings of this city-state. Ordinations of Bishops, visits from political dignitaries, training a security force (with weapons dating back 500 years), operating a newspaper, postal service and soup kitchen for the poor, are among the items of business.

Appreciate the devotion and commitment of those who work within the fortress walls. The Pope’s official photographer offers a snapshot of the man who is willing to touch a leper’s face. A young member of the Swiss Guard makes a vow to protect the Holy Father. Meanwhile, the dedicated custodial crew takes their duties to new heights. Performing acrobatic feats requiring skill and strength, they climb the colonnades—to dust!

Follow the process of Beatification (or sainthood) and glimpse the faith of humble followers who are striving to sanctify their lives.

Although some former church scandals are mentioned, National Geographic’s Inside The Vatican inspires respect from the viewer, whether Catholic or just curious.

Running time: 50 minutes. Updated

Inside The Vatican Parents' Guide

Can an understanding of different faiths help to build religious tolerance?

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