Indivisible parents guide

Indivisible Parent Guide

This film misses the mark and turns an inspiring true story into a treacly two hours filled with an over-abundance of American flags, excessive preaching, and way too many montages.

Overall B-

The true story of Army Chaplain Darren Turner and his fight to save his marriage.

Release date October 26, 2018

Violence B
Sexual Content A
Profanity A
Substance Use A

Why is Indivisible rated PG-13? The MPAA rated Indivisible PG-13 for some thematic material and war violence

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Indivisible: a title that really only makes sense if you know the tagline, “One marriage. One family. Under God”. While it may have been intended to be an uplifting film about an Army Chaplain, it dramatically misses the mark and turns what is an inspiring true story into a treacly two hours. It features a few too many montages, an over-abundance of American flags, and so much preaching I felt like I had gone to church for two hours. By the way, I’ve gone to church for three hours every Sunday for my whole life. I like church. A lot. I did not like this movie.

The “based on a true family” story begins with Darren Turner (Justin Bruening) and his wife Heather (Sarah Drew) as they prepare for his first deployment to Iraq in 2007. Turner is an Army Chaplain and right out of the gate he’s just a down to earth kind of fella who’s here to help strengthen everyone’s families. While others continue to warn Darren and Heather about the difficulties of deployment on a marriage, they are confident in their devotion to each other and to God.

As expected, deployment takes a serious toll on their marriage, and each of them individually. Communication shuts down, resentment builds up, and by the time Darren comes home their marriage sort of hobbles along. That is until some therapy, some tough love from a friend, and some montage music comes to the rescue.

This was an incredibly mild PG-13, and older children would be able to handle the action and war violence, though I’m not sure how interested they’d be in a movie that is mostly about resolving marital issues. Death is portrayed throughout the film. Scenes where families cope with death are emotionally intense, but also overacted and poorly written. The whole point of the movie is finding and keeping faith, working through doubts, and building strong families. So while the themes are uplifting, they are also unfortunately heavy-handed. The script has a habit of explaining everything we’ve already seen, which is a bit insulting to viewers. The assumptions the film makes about the audience are at times very broad. Being a devout Christian, I understood the language and implications of conversion, but I had no idea what the Armor of God coins that Turner kept pushing onto everyone were about. I felt simultaneously included and excluded in some key plot elements that had no explanation. So while the content is pretty family friendly, I found myself repeatedly checking my watch and rolling my eyes at the overly saccharine portrayal of Darren Turner

Directed by David G. Evans. Starring Justin Bruening, Sarah Drew, and Jason George. Theatrical release October 26, 2018. Updated

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Rating & Content Info

Why is Indivisible rated PG-13? Indivisible is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for some thematic material and war violence

Violence: Some war violence. A young girl who has died is carried off a truck and held in a character’s arms. Blood can be seen on people’s hands. Enemy combatants are gunned down, but it is not graphic. A married couple yell at each other, and then later a father yells at his kids.
Sexual Content: A married couple kisses a handful of times throughout the movie.
Profanity: No profanity
Alcohol / Drug Use: Request for a “cold one” at a neighborhood barbecue is met with a juice box.

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The idea of being called to something bigger than yourself plays a big role in the movie. Have you ever felt called to something, either by your passion, or by your religious conviction? It’s ironic in the film that the guy who’s helping everyone else’s family and marriage is neglecting his own. The idea of oxygen masks on an airplane comes to mind - is this simply a case of needing securing your own mask before helping others get theirs on?

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