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Her Best Move Parent Guide

Overall A-

Sara (Leah Pipes) is a 15-year-old girl who lives for soccer. In fact, she's so good she may have a chance to join the U.S. National Team, making her the youngest player ever. While her Dad (Scott Patterson) wants nothing more, her Mom (Lisa Darr) feels Sara needs to consider other goals in life, like school work and friends (Lalaine and Drew Tyler Bell). Caught in the middle, the young athlete must decide what is Her Best Move.

Release date October 16, 2006

Violence A-
Sexual Content A-
Profanity B+
Substance Use A

Why is Her Best Move rated G? The MPAA rated Her Best Move G

Parent Movie Review

This independent production is one of those rare finds that may get passed over on the crowded DVD shelves. Yet it’s definitely worth a second look, thanks to a fresh cast, a sensible script and some good messages.

Sara (Leah Pipes) is a 15-year-old girl who lives for soccer. In fact, she’s so good she may have a chance to join the U.S. National Team, making her the youngest player ever. However, there are other things to contend with besides seeking fame on the field. To begin, her mother Julia (Lisa Darr) isn’t exactly happy with her father Gil’s (Scott Patterson) constant push to have her improve her game—a trait he comes by naturally, considering he’s a women’s soccer coach.

Then there are the daily distractions of high school, and the enticing of her best friend Tutti (Lalaine) who feels it is her duty to tempt Sara to try some of life’s other offerings, such as dance and drama—or even boys, like the handsome but shy yearbook photographer Josh (Drew Tyler Bell). While juggling these feelings, an unexpected setback forces Sara to take a time out from her well-laid plans. Suddenly the young athlete finds herself questioning her future in sports and the dedication it requires. This new perspective sits well with her mother, but acts to further distance her parents from each other as they struggle to guide their daughter’s future.

Although this premise may sound like dozens of other “coming of age” movies, the film exudes an innocence and charm often lacking in many big mainstream productions. That’s likely because this is a work of love, driven by writer/director Norm Hunter who has children of his own and is a real life soccer coach. Leah Pipes is also a real player of the game, which adds an additional aura of authenticity to the many soccer scenes in this film.

Walking the fine line that so many teen targeted movies stumble from, Her Best Move doesn’t patronize young audiences. Nor does it try to be cool by depicting adults as clowns or idiots. Instead, this film provides a level playing field where teens, parents and teachers are all contributors to a great story with a powerful message about choosing your priorities, making it a great play for your home theater.

Starring Leah Pipes, Scott Patterson, Lisa Darr, Drew Tyler Bell. Theatrical release October 16, 2006. Updated

Her Best Move
Rating & Content Info

Why is Her Best Move rated G? Her Best Move is rated G by the MPAA

The positives far outweigh any content concerns in this fine movie about a young female soccer prodigy. A frustrated girl dumps food on a boy’s head in the school cafeteria after she overhears him saying nasty things about her. In another scene, she deliberately drops a note she was passing to a friend in chemistry class into a bottle of acid after the teacher requests she hand it over to him. Sexual content consists of a few kisses between a boy and girl, a girl adjusting her bra after getting dressed, and a short shot of girls exercising in sports bras (perhaps a homage to soccer player Brandi Chastain, who is seen in this film). A few terms of deity are heard as expletives.

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Her Best Move Parents' Guide

Are teens and even children “over programmed” today? Do you think it’s more important to have fun when participating in sports, or to focus entirely on the skills of playing the game?

This movie is made by Summertime Films, a company owned by writer/director Norm Hunter who specializes in youth-oriented family films. Check their website at www.summertimefilms.com for more information about this company.

Home Video

The most recent home video release of Her Best Move movie is August 19, 2008. Here are some details…

Her Best Move hits the playing field with this DVD release. The movie is presented in both wide and full screen, on a flipper disc.

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