Heaven’s Door parents guide

Heaven’s Door Parent Guide

Forgiving audiences will still be able to find plenty of feel-good sentiment in this movie, even if its fairytale-like approach offers few answers to life's real questions.

Overall B-

Riley Taylor (Kirstin Dorn) has lots of questions after the death of her Grandfather (Edward Herrmann). But she ins't prepared for the answers she receives after she gets a peek through Heaven's Door.

Violence B+
Sexual Content A
Profanity A
Substance Use A

Why is Heaven’s Door rated PG? The MPAA rated Heaven’s Door PG for mild thematic elements.

Run Time: 98 minutes

Parent Movie Review

After the unexpected death of her Grandfather (Edward Herrmann), Riley Taylor (Kirstin Dorn) has a lot of questions. While her Grandmother (Joanna Cassidy) is eager to answer them with stories of heaven and angels, her mother Julie (Charisma Carpenter) smothers these hopeful explanations by pronouncing such ideas as just wishful thinking.

Her grandfather’s passing leaves the young teen without anyone to confide in as well. Previously, his moral support had been a great help in dealing with everything from soccer practice to the emotional toll of her parent’s pending divorce. Now Riley feels very alone as she faces an uncertain future.

Then the unexpected happens. While climbing a pine tree in search of a rogue soccer ball, the girl stumbles upon a door that opens to a heavenly dimension. Along with the comfort this discovery brings, the youngster receives the ability to heal others. Unfortunately, when Riley begins to use her gift, she stirs up more controversy—especially between her believing Grandmother and her doubting Mom.

Full of good intentions, Heaven’s Door appears to want to shed light on the possibility of miracles, the importance of faith and some hope in the hereafter. It also tries to show the nobility of sacrificing in order to help others. Sadly, not blessed with strong writing, good pacing or standout performances, the production falls short of its mark. Yet forgiving audiences will still be able to find plenty of feel-good sentiment in this movie—even if its fairytale-like approach offers few answers to life’s real questions.

Directed by Craig Clyde. Starring Charisma Carpenter, Dean Cain, Kirstin Dorn, Edward Herrmann, Joanna Cassidy. Running time: 98 minutes. Updated

Heaven’s Door
Rating & Content Info

Why is Heaven’s Door rated PG? Heaven’s Door is rated PG by the MPAA for mild thematic elements.

Violence: Death is a recurrent theme in this story that explores the possibility of life after death, angels and heaven.  A man collapses suddenly and his death is implied. A cat is hit by a car (off-screen). A man rough-handles another when he tries to enter a restricted area. Several sick animals are depicted. A young child is portrayed as dying of cancer. The loss of a baby is mentioned. Adults argue.

Sexual Content: Mild comments are made about men’s interest in female models and a humorous remark mentions nudists at a Halloween party.

Language: None noted.

Alcohol / Drug Use: None noted.

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Heaven’s Door Parents' Guide

When Riley is given the gift of healing, she is temped to share it with everyone. Why is she unable to do so? What consequences does she face after she helps someone? In real life, why do you think some people receive miracles like healings, while others do not? What trails and blessing might come from suffering? What purpose do you think facing challenges serves?

Why does the death of Riley’s Grandfather affect her Grandmother and Mother so differently? What life lessons do you think can come from losing a loved one?

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