Godzilla vs. Kong parents guide

Godzilla vs. Kong Parent Guide

A true clash between Titans - with all of humanity trapped in the middle.

Release date March 31, 2021

Having captured Kong from Skull Island, the Monarch corporation scrambles to find the ancient origin of the titanic monsters roaming the Earth... but a much more serious problem has arisen. Godzilla has arrived and seems determined to fight Kong. Now Monarch has to find out why, before their contest destroys more cities.

Why is Godzilla vs. Kong rated PG-13? The MPA rated Godzilla vs. Kong PG-13 for intense sequences of creature violence/destruction and brief language.

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Cast and Crew

Godzilla vs. Kong is directed by Adam Wingard and stars Alexander Skarsgård, Millie Bobby Brown, and Rebecca Hall.