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Release date September 4, 2009

While some avid players might dream of the day they can step into their favorite video game, for Kable (Gerard Butler) this high-tech reality is a nightmare. Remotely controlled by a young gamer named Simon (Logan Lerman), Kable is forced to be the first-person-shooter in this violent form of entertainment created by a reclusive billionaire (Michael C. Hall). Hoping to gain his freedom, the gladiator-like pawn is desperately trying to reach "Game Over."

Why is Gamer rated R? The MPA rated Gamer R for frenetic sequences of strong brutal violence throughout, sexual content, nudity and language.

Run Time: 94 minutes

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Rating & Content Info

Please Note: We have not viewed this movie. The information below is a summary based on data gathered from government and industry sponsored film classification agencies in various global regions.

Why is Gamer rated R? Gamer is rated R by the MPAA for frenetic sequences of strong brutal violence throughout, sexual content, nudity and language.

This additional information about the movie’s content is taken from the notes of various Canadian Film Classification boards:


-Frequent violence, including the use of guns, weapons, and hand-to-hand combat (blood and detail shown).

- Several scenes of explicit violence depicting shootings, stabbings, fighting, burning and dismemberment.

- Depictions of gruesome deaths (blood and detail shown).

- Frequent disturbing and gory scenes.

Sexual Content:

-Use of crude sexual references and innuendo.

- Breast and buttock nudity shown in sexual and non-sexual contexts.

- Implied sexual activity and sexually suggestive scenes.

- Fondling, embracing and kissing.


- Frequent use of the sexual expletive in a non-sexual context.

- Frequent use of scatological slang, profanity, cursing and vulgar expressions.

- Use of ethno-cultural and sexual slurs.

Drug and Alcohol Use:

- Tobacco use

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Cast and Crew

Gamer is directed by Mark Neveldin, Brian Taylor and stars Gerard Butler, Michael C. Hall, Ludacris.

Home Video

The most recent home video release of Gamer movie is January 19, 2010. Here are some details…

Gamer comes to DVD and Blu-ray on JAnuary 19, 2009.

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