Epic Movie parents guide

Epic Movie Parent Guide

Overall D

Epic Movie is a spoof that sets out to lampoon various Hollywood hits from the past few years. In the name of comedy, the script excuses such ploys as: bathroom humor, profanities, violent acts, vulgar jokes, sexual imagery, racial slurs, and demeaning portrayals.

Release date January 25, 2007

Violence D
Sexual Content D+
Profanity D+
Substance Use C

Why is Epic Movie rated PG-13? The MPAA rated Epic Movie PG-13 for crude and sexual humor, language and some comic violence.

Run Time: 86 minutes

Parent Movie Review

In my opinion, the key to any effective spoof is to anticipate what the audience may have been musing about when they viewed the original material upon which the knockoff is based. Epic Movie sets out to lampoon various Hollywood hits from the past few years, but you may find there’s a big difference between what was on your mind versus what was going through the heads of the scriptwriters behind this film.

For instance, during Charlie and the Chocolate Factory did you think it would be cool if Willy Wonka took sexual body parts from the golden ticket winners and put them in his candies? Or while watching The Chronicles of Narnia, did you consider Mr. Tumnus and Mr. Beaver to be great as a gay couple? Or that Aslan could be the result of a bestiality pairing between real-life magician Siegfried and a lion? How about envisioning Hermione from Harry Potter as a chain-smoking pregnant woman?

If these examples are as bizarre to you as they are to me, then I’ll bet there are some congratulations going on backstage. Judging from the past efforts of this creative team (who were responsible for such films as Date Movie and the Scary Movie franchise), they probably feel they haven’t done their job if you aren’t shocked.

Obviously, like their previous attractions, teens and young adults are the main target market. Yet, while it’s supposed to all be in good fun, the nauseating bathroom humor, abundant profanities, violent acts presented without consequences, abhorrent vulgar jokes and sexual imagery are just the surface issues. Dig only a little deeper and you’ll find comedy being used as weak justification for presenting condescending attitudes toward religion, race and sexual orientation. Although it can certainly be argued that they offend equally, the question still remains: Do we really need more material like this for kids to take back to the school hallway?

Equally disparaging are the negative depictions of women. With Carmen Elektra demoting herself to play a knockoff of the X-Men’s near-naked Mystique, and many other women being portrayed as toys for men, young audiences are at risk of learning new methods to humiliate and demean. And for me, that’s no laughing matter.

Starring Kal Penn, Adam Campbell, Jennifer Coolidge. Running time: 86 minutes. Theatrical release January 25, 2007. Updated

Epic Movie
Rating & Content Info

Why is Epic Movie rated PG-13? Epic Movie is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for crude and sexual humor, language and some comic violence.

This film contains ample content from all areas. Sexual topics are frequently depicted, both verbally and on screen. Although there is no overt nudity, a half naked male posterior is seen. Violent acts (such as a stabbing) are played out for comedic effect. No consequences for loss of life or injury are shown. Drunkenness and profanities are also included. Many scenes may be interpreted as demeaning to Christians, women, homosexuals and people of color.

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Epic Movie Parents' Guide

When does comedy cross the fine line between making light of a serious situation (or movie) and ridiculing? Do you feel anything can be justified in an effort to make people laugh?

Home Video

The most recent home video release of Epic Movie movie is May 22, 2007. Here are some details…

Epic Movie makes it’s big DVD review in either the original theatrical version (rated PG-13) or an Unrated Edition. Bonus materials for the theatrical version include a writer/director commentary, casting sessions, a gag reel and alternate ending. The unrated edition offers all the above plus Adam Campbell’s tour of the Willy Wonka Factory, and several featurettes. Audio tracks are available in English (Dolby Surround 5.1), Spanish (Dolby Surround) and French (Dolby Surround), with subtitles in English, French and Spanish.

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