Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course parents guide

Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course Parent Guide

Overall B+

Crikey! Australia's most animated export has his first full-length film. The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course combines Steve Irwin's unique documentary style with espionage and adventure.

Release date July 11, 2002

Violence B-
Sexual Content A-
Profanity B
Substance Use A

Why is Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course rated PG? The MPAA rated Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course PG for PG for action violence/peril and mild language

Run Time: 90 minutes

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Crikey! Australia’s most animated export has his first full-length film. The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course combines Steve Irwin’s unique documentary style with espionage and adventure.

Irwin and his wife Terri are in the Australian Outback collecting specimens for zoo research and rescuing endangered animals along the way. Their route takes an unscheduled detour when a distress call comes in from Sam Flynn (David Wenham), the local wildlife ranger. Seems that a cranky old widow named Brozzie Drewett (Magda Szubaanski) and a twelve-foot crocodile are having a turf war of sorts. Determined to keep the croc from getting her cattle, she’s been patrolling the shoreline with a loaded shotgun. Flynn hopes the Irwins can end the head-butting battle by relocating the big fellow to safer waters.

Meanwhile, C.I.A. Agents Bob Wheeler (Lachy Hulme) and Vaughan Archer (Kenneth Ransom) descend upon the Aussie wilderness and start combing the countryside in search of an incriminating black box from a destroyed satellite. When the honing device for the box begins moving in sync with the Irwins, the two wildlife crusaders are suspected of being international emissaries and the U.S. agents move in with guns a blazing.

Raised in the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park by his parents who worked as animal naturalists, Irwin labored along side his dad rescuing and relocating crocodiles in the rivers of North Queensland. He has since taken his childhood experience and watched it mushroom into a career that combines education with entertainment.

The blond, bare-chested hero and his confident companion don’t miss a chance to edify movie viewers about the amazing animals found in the land down under. Interjected with his well-known, energetic utterances and warnings of “don’t try this at home,” he sweet-talks more than one critter through it’s movie debut. But theatergoers squeamish about spiders, snakes and lizards and those with a distaste for scatological information may not appreciate all the imparted knowledge.

Then again, whether or not you’re a fan of the spirited antics and distinctive educational style of Irwin, it’s hard to knock a guy this passionate about his profession.

Starring Steve Irwin, Terri Irwin. Running time: 90 minutes. Theatrical release July 11, 2002. Updated

Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course Parents' Guide

Zoos and habitat areas allow people to see animals up close as well as offer researchers with the opportunity to study wildlife, yet they remove the creatures’ freedom. Do you agree with putting animals in zoos? How can the living quarters be made more humane and comfortable?

Discover more about Steve and Terri Irwin and the work at the Australia Zoo at their official website: .

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