Blue Streak parents guide

Blue Streak Parent Guide

Overall C-

His profanity may be a little less vile, but I still can't resist comparing standup comic Martin Lawrence's performance as ex-con Miles Logan, to one of Eddie Murphy's cop characters.

Release date September 17, 1999

Violence D+
Sexual Content A-
Profanity C-
Substance Use A-

Why is Blue Streak rated PG-13? The MPAA rated Blue Streak PG-13 for action violence, continuous and some crude humor

Run Time: 93 minutes

Parent Movie Review

His profanity may be a little less vile, but I still can’t resist comparing standup comic Martin Lawrence’s performance as ex-con Miles Logan, to one of Eddie Murphy’s cop characters. In this “comedy”, Logan (a thief) hides a huge diamond in an air duct of a partially constructed building to avoid being arrested with stolen goods. When he’s released after two years in jail, he immediately returns to the building, only to find it’s the new home of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Blue Streak - Official Site Now the only way to his stolen treasure is through a formidable security door that opens only to cops or crooks. He’s tried being a crook (some may argue the use of past tense), so he gets a friend to make some fake credentials and a tin badge. Posing as Officer Malone, Logan encounters a new problem. His papers are so impressive that the precinct’s captain makes him lead detective of the robbery division. Teamed with an unsuspecting partner, Logan uses his ex-con education to hustle crooks and take control of a couple of dangerous situations. Even though he is hailed for his heroics, all the recognition makes it harder for him to retrieve the diamond.

Blue Streak - Official Site While the occasional one-liner is humorous, Logan’s primary motive is greed. He sees no problem in putting other people’s lives in danger or destroying property while pursuing his personal goal. Meanwhile, a co-conspirator from the original diamond robbery is tracking him. With all these elements at work the script delivers action (there is lots of gunplay and manhandling), violence (there are several on-screen deaths), and even justifies murder.

Blue Streak - Official Site Anytime comedy is derived from crime, parents need to be on their guard. Lawrence’s character is intended to be endearing. This wisecracking crook solves complex crimes in moments, while making the other officers look like fools. He unrealistically avoids any consequences; even his two-year incarceration (which is served in about two minutes of movie time) appears a mere inconvenience. Hero’ portrayals of this kind may be dangerous around children.

Starring Martin Lawrence, Luke Wilson. Running time: 93 minutes. Theatrical release September 17, 1999. Updated

Blue Streak Parents' Guide

By serving his two years in prison, Miles Logan had paid his price to society for the crime he committed. Does that mean that he deserves to retrieve the diamond and keep it for himself?

Ever wonder what a 2nd 2nd Assistant Director does? Or how many pictures a stills photographer takes during the production of a movie? Sony’s website for Blue Streak has some unusually detailed and interesting interviews with the often overlooked members of a film crew. Go to the site by pointing your browser to and click on “on location” and select the person you are interested in hearing about. (Note this site was active in February 2000, but may be discontinued at any time.)