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Blast From The Past Parent Guide

Overall B-

In 1962, fearing a nuclear holocaust (that never happens), a man and his expectant wife (Christopher Walken and Sissy Spacek) seek refuge in an underground bomb shelter. But when they emerge 35 years later, the outside world has been transformed in more frightening ways than they had ever imagined. In need of new supplies, the couple reluctantly sends their now adult son (Brendan Fraser) to brave the hostile city above.

Release date February 11, 1999

Violence B
Sexual Content C
Profanity D
Substance Use C

Why is Blast From The Past rated PG-13? The MPAA rated Blast From The Past PG-13 for brief language, sex and drug references

Run Time: 112 minutes

Parent Movie Review

Calvin Webber (Christopher Walken) was convinced a nuclear bomb was headed for LA in 1962, so he locked himself and his expectant wife Helen (Sissy Spacek) into their bomb shelter for over thirty-five years. After he deemed it safe to return to the surface, his first foray into the California streets of the 90’s left him convinced the world is populated by dual-sexual mutants. He wants to return to the shelter, but they need more supplies.

Blast From The Past - Official Site Their now adult son Adam (Brendan Fraser), who was born in the shelter, is the most capable of the three and is sent with a ten year shopping list: Meat, dry goods, and a healthy wife. Adam uses a pristine baseball card collection to acquire the goods, but he needs help with driving, and finding that wife. Fortunately he finds Eve (Alicia Silverstone), not in a garden, but in a pawnshop. Hired by Adam to manage the sale of his baseball cards and be his chauffeur, Eve is baffled with his purchases, and even more confused with Adam’s wholesome demeanor.

Blast From The Past - Official Site Like any other time transplant movie, the comedy begins when Adam is contrasted with the cynical 1990’s. He’s a gentleman, trusting, optimistic, and seeking a marriage relationship—traits that leave those around him concerned about his mental health. Even stranger are his requests for others to quit using the Lord’s name in vain (the script gives him ample opportunities), and his insistence on praying before a meal. Of course with time Eve becomes more interested in Adam, but it’s not until her homosexual friend Troy (Dave Foley) advises her that Adam is too good to pass up that she considers him seriously.

Blast From The Past - Official Site Parents are strongly cautioned to view this film prior to teenage consumption, as the negatives of our society are depicted with profane language, emphasis on sexual pleasure, and alcohol. Yet, unlike the recent Pleasantville, this film mourns the loss of old fashioned values and shows how a blast of a different sort hit our world in the 1960’s.

Starring Christopher Walken, Sissy Spacek, Brendan Fraser, Alicia Silverstone. Running time: 112 minutes. Theatrical release February 11, 1999. Updated

Blast From The Past Parents' Guide

In “Blast from the Past”, Adam seems to be the only person on Earth who is polite and considerate of others. Why do you think there are fewer people like Adam today than thirty years ago? Have things really changed, or do the “good old days” just seem better in our memories? Would a return to some of these values make our world a better place?

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