Battle: Freestyle parents guide

Battle: Freestyle Parent Guide

Ostensibly a dance movie, this is really a soapy personal drama.

Overall C-

Netflix: In this Norwegian film, Amalie and her dance crew are heading for the finals of a worldwide dance competition in France. Now Amalie finds herself choosing between her family, her boyfriend, and her love of dance.

Release date April 1, 2022

Violence A
Sexual Content D+
Profanity D
Substance Use C

Why is Battle: Freestyle rated TV-MA? The MPAA rated Battle: Freestyle TV-MA for language, nudity

Run Time: 88 minutes

Parent Movie Review

Amalie (Lisa Teige) is a battle-hardened street dancer heading for the fight of her life. Illicit, the crew in which she performs with her boyfriend, Mikael (Fabian Svegaard Tapia) and fellow dancers Josef, Alex, and Moa (Morad Aziman, Georgia May Anta, and Bao Andre Nguyen) has just won a coveted slot in the Break the Cypher competition in Paris. Determined to reach her dreams, Amalie makes a risky financial decision and heads off to France.

Paris holds further complications for Amalie, specifically Vivian (Ellen Dorrit Petersen), her estranged mother. The ballet teacher is finally willing to connect with her daughter and they begin seeing each other. But with three days left to prepare for Break the Cypher, Amalie finds herself pulled in two. If she can’t throw her whole heart and all her time into the competition, can Illicit possibly defeat the better-known crews? And how will her split loyalties affect her dancing family?

Battle: Freestyle is ostensibly a dance movie but it’s really a soapy personal drama. Amalie has terrible communication skills and her unwillingness to talk to Mikael or the rest of the crew is the source of most of the movie’s limited amount of tension. The dancing, which is energetic and gives the movie what life it has, is shortchanged by the movie’s focus on Amalie’s often incomprehensible behavior. The German film Into the Beat tells a similar story – girl with ballet-focused parent struggles between street dancing and the classical tradition – but does it with a tighter plot and more believable emotions (and minus Amalie’s hideous fun fur jacket).

As if the plot weren’t trite enough, this production is dragged down by its excessive negative content. There are scenes of non-explicit sexual activity and a moment in a bar where a woman pulls down her dress, exposing her breasts. Main characters also drink to cope with stress and when they are angry they swear, using 11 sexual expletives.

Despite the negatives, the film isn’t all bad. The dub track is decent and the dance scenes will be enjoyable for fans of the art. Frankly, watching dance clips on YouTube or TikTok is probably a better bet: you can have all the fun without the aggravation of this movie’s tired storyline.

Directed by Ingvild Søderlind. Starring Lisa Teige, Fabian Svegaard Tapia, Ellen Dorrit Petersen. Running time: 88 minutes. Theatrical release April 1, 2022. Updated

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Battle: Freestyle
Rating & Content Info

Why is Battle: Freestyle rated TV-MA? Battle: Freestyle is rated TV-MA by the MPAA for language, nudity

Violence:   None noted.
Sexual Content:   A man pulls up his shirt to show his six-pack to a crowd. Shirtless woman carries woman to bed: she removes her top and is seen in her bra and they kiss passionately. There is a brief glimpse of a drawing of a naked woman. A topless couple are shown from the shoulders up kissing passionately in bed. A woman pulls down the top of her dress and shows her breasts. A woman mentions removing a tampon in public. People dance in a sexually suggestive fashion. A secondary character is a transvestite. A woman walks around in her underwear with her buttocks exposed. A man dances shirtless.  A woman dances in a sheer bodysuit with tape across her nipples.
Profanity:  The dubbed version of the film has 11 sexual expletives (fewer in subtitles) and four each of terms of deity, scatological curses, and minor profanities.
Alcohol / Drug Use:   A main character drinks beer and shots of hard liquor at a bar. A person is seen smoking a cigarette. A main character appears to be inebriated.
Warning: There are scenes with flashing lights that could be disturbing for people with migraines or photo-sensitive epilepsy.

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Battle: Freestyle Parents' Guide

Why does Amalie refuse to tell anyone about her mother? Why is she so anxious to please Vivian? What do these choices cost her?  Do you think the outcome would have been different if she had been open with her friends?

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