At Midnight parents guide

At Midnight Parent Guide

This movie delivers a conventional romance with a light touch and real heart.

Overall B

Paramount+: When a hotel manager falls in love with a movie star, who is publicly dating her co-star, life gets complicated for both of them.

Release date February 10, 2023

Violence A-
Sexual Content B-
Profanity D
Substance Use B-

Why is At Midnight rated R? The MPAA rated At Midnight R for some language

Run Time: 99 minutes

Parent Movie Review

It’s time for the next take in the superhero action movie, so Sophie (Monica Barbaro) stops by the trailer of her co-star and boyfriend of five years, Adam (Anders Holm). To her horror, she finds him passionately kissing another woman. “I’m in character so this doesn’t count, right?” he says.

Sophie quickly discovers that her outraged feelings are irrelevant. Their shared agent, Margot (Whitney Cummings), insists that Adam and Sophie are more famous together than they are apart, and they need to maintain the façade of their relationship for public relations purposes. Reluctantly, Sophie heads off to Mexico to film the final leg of the movie trilogy, still publicly linked with Adam. There she meets a handsome hotel manager with puppy dog eyes, a great sense of humor, and a talent for cooking - and things get complicated.

For Alejandro (Diego Boneta), any relationship with Sophie is risky. He has a has a history of one-night stands to stave off emotional connection and the potential for rejection. He’s also just learned of a potential employment problem: romantic relationships with hotel guests could get him fired. From the start, both Sophie and Alejandro have difficult decisions to make: their relationship or their careers, honesty or self-deception, dreams or defeatism…

At Midnight is a sweetly conventional romantic comedy. There’s nothing new here, but the movie delivers the traditional formula with a light touch and some real heart. Monica Barbaro is believably vulnerable, battling between her desire for personal authenticity and the structural misogyny of Hollywood. Diego Boneta convincingly struggles with his fears of intimacy and failure. Both main characters are sufficiently developed that audiences will care about what happens to them and even the side characters, sketchy as they are, provide some additional comic heft to the film.

The biggest disappointment here is the Restricted rating, thanks to four totally unnecessary sexual expletives. As a family movie critic, this makes me bang my head against the wall because aside from the f-words (mostly in Spanish), this is a pretty standard PG-13 movie. In fact, there’s less sex than I would expect in the genre, although there are several scenes of women wearing dresses or bikinis with very deep cleavage and considerable exposure. Drinking is also pretty light and there’s no drug use at all.

On the plus side, At Midnight offers a female protagonist who learns to exert agency over her own life; who refuses to be manipulated or pigeonholed. The script also gives Alejandro room for growth, vulnerability, and emotional honesty. The relationship is satisfying and the chemistry is believable, making At Midnight a decent choice for adults or teens who want a low-stress, romantic movie night.

Directed by Jonah Feingold. Starring Monica Barbaro, Diego Boneta, Anders Holm. Running time: 99 minutes. Theatrical release February 10, 2023. Updated

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At Midnight
Rating & Content Info

Why is At Midnight rated R? At Midnight is rated R by the MPAA for some language

Violence: A superhero movie scene implies that a character dies. A character in a film punches someone.
Sexual Content: A woman finds her boyfriend kissing another woman. A woman is seen in her underwear. A man and woman eat breakfast after a one night stand: no sexual activity is seen and they are fully dressed. A woman strips down for the shower: she’s seen shoulders up from behind. She’s later seen from the front with her hands over her chest. A man accidentally walks in on a naked woman but her body is not visible. Women wear clothes with deep cleavage: one nearly has a “wardrobe malfunction” with a bikini. A man and woman kiss as part of a movie scene. There is innuendo about male genitalia. There is some sultry tango dancing. A man and woman kiss on several occasions. A couple embrace passionately in a swimming pool. It’s suggested that some secondary characters are gay.
Profanity:  There are four sexual expletives (three of which are in Spanish and shown in subtitles). The script also contains approximately 20 terms of deity, nine scatological curses, a handful of minor profanities, and a half dozen crude anatomical terms. A crude term for women is also used.
Alcohol / Drug Use: A person is described as hungover. Adults celebrate with champagne. Adults drink alcohol in social situations.

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At Midnight Parents' Guide

How does misogyny affect Sophie? Why do other women impose those values on her? How does Sophie change her perspective on the expectations that surround her? How does Sophie push back and reclaim the direction of her own life?

How does Alejandro come to acknowledge his fears? What is he afraid of and how does he overcome his fears?

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