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Furry Vengeance


Apr 30, 2010

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Aug 17, 2010

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Brendan Fraser
Brooke Shields


2010 Summit Entertainment

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Still shot from the movie: Furry Vengeance.

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Dan Sanders (Brendan Fraser) is a real estate agent with multi-million dollar dreams. But when his land development plans include destroying a large wooded area, the local, furry, four-footed residents decide to make him pay for trespassing into their forest home.

Content Details

Why Is Furry Vengeance Rated PG?

Furry Vengeance is rated PG for some rude humor, mild language and brief smoking.

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Here is additional information on sex, violence and profanity in Furry Vengeance...

A man smokes part of a cigar and then throws it out his car window into dry grass. Characters are bit, scratched, poked, hit in the groin and urinated on. A man and his car are pushed over a cliff by a huge rock. Skunks spray characters on numerous occasions. A man is stung by bees and suffers a bad reaction. A character slips on a roof and lands on his crotch. Animals are shot with tranquilizers and caged. A home is vandalized with spray paint. A woman is hit in the face with raw hamburger. A character is locked in a portable toilet and later covered with human waste. A man tears the head off of a toy animal. Men are seen in underwear. A character threatens an animal with a crossbow. A bird poops on people and property. Two women exchange punches during a fight. The script contains some terms of Deity, name-calling, racial slurs and mild innuendo.

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Canadian Home Video Rating: G

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Details on home video releases of Furry Vengeance...

Furry Vengeance releases as a DVD/Blu-ray combo pack on August 17, 2010. Along with copies of the movie in DVD and Blu-ray, the package also includes:

-Deleted scenes

- The Pitfalls of Pratfalls

- Working with Animals

- Gag reel

- Commentary with director and cast

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Memphis Steve says: Apr. 22, 2010

The review says this film has mild non-graphic violence. I strongly disagree. It has graphic sexual violence. Brendan Frasier’s character is viciously assaulted in his genitals repeatedly throughout the movie. In addition, in several scenes he is injured in the testicles in various other ways. Sexual violence is spread throughout this film. In an interview on The Craig Ferguson Show, Brendan Frasier even admitted that he would not take his own sons to see this movie.

Rod Gustafson says: Apr. 22, 2010

Hi Memphis Steve… thank you for your comments. We actually have not reviewed Furry Vengeance yet. The studios ask that we hold our reviews until the release date. So what you are currently seeing on our site is information we have gathered from other sources (mainly Canadian film classification boards).

Thanks again for giving parents an early “heads up.” We “officially” cannot do that!

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