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Why You Should Turn Off Facebook Autoplay

You’ve likely noticed when scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed videos posted by your friends start playing automatically. It’s cool, but there are some drawbacks. First, there’s your cell phone bill. Nothing eats data faster than video. Facebook’s default settings on Apple and Android devices allows these videos to play even if they are consuming your cell data allotment.

The other problem is one that has become even more critical this past week after two journalists were shot in Virginia. The killer video recorded his deadly deed and immediately uploaded it to his social networking accounts. Sadly there were those who shared the horrendous last few seconds of these individual’s lives, and that meant many people saw the actual murderous act while scrolling through their Facebook feed.

So how do you stop Facebook from foisting videos on you that you don’t want to see and even possibly have to pay for? Watch the video below and I will give you step-by-step instructions…

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