Picture from Walmart Puts Cosmopolitan Under Cover
The August 2015 edition of Cosmopolitan won't be quite as revealing at Walmart stores thanks to a re-enforced store policy. Image ©2015 Hearst Communications, Inc. —Cosmopolitan Magazine

Walmart Puts Cosmopolitan Under Cover

Walmart is renewing its commitment to put Cosmopolitan magazine behind blinders. For over a decade, the company has had a policy in place to cover up the magazine. However the company has become lax in the enforcement of the policy according to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation and Victoria Hearst, a granddaughter publisher William Randolph Hearst who found the conglomerate that now publishes the magazine.

Several other major supermarket chains are joining the move to protect children and adolescents from what the NCSE and Hearst are calling “graphic sexual headlines” as well.

The American Family Association applauds the move by the retailers. In a statement releases by the organization, AFA President Tim Wildman says, “Cosmopolitan magazine is clearly a publication for adults, and its objectionable and overtly offensive content should not be pushed in front of families and children in the checkout line. We thank Wal-Mart for its commitment in this matter to put families and kids first.”

NCSE executive director Dawn Hawkins added her support for the move. In a recently released statement, she said, “I applaud Walmart for its decision to place Cosmopolitan behind blockers in order to protect minors from being targeted by a magazine that prides itself in promoting a pornified culture through its explicit articles and images. Cosmopolitan regularly targets children, yet continues to print adult content which children should not see or read.”

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