Picture from Social Distancing Movies: Week 7

Social Distancing Movies: Week 7

If self isolation is making you feel a bit squirrelly, here are some movies to keep the entire family engaged.

Nanny McPhee: If your kids are feeling naughty, maybe you need a movie to help them get it out of their system virtually. Nanny McPhee tells story of the outrageously misbehaving Brown children and the nanny who comes and sets them straight. A fun escape for kids and their parents. PG, Grade: B+

Suffragette: Your teens might take universal suffrage for granted, but only if they don’t know what it took for women to get the right to vote. This movie depicts the struggle of British women to have their voting rights recognized. PG, Grade: B+

On the Basis of Sex: Even having the right to vote didn’t automatically grant women legal equality. This film follows the legal career of Ruth Bader Ginsburg as she overcomes discrimination in university and the workplace and goes on to fight to overturn laws that discriminate “on the basis of sex”. PG-13, Grade: A-

Inside Out: The coronavirus pandemic is causing lots of anxiety for kids (and their parents). If your older kids are having a hard time expressing their feelings, this Pixar classic might help. Based on a young girl who’s feeling homesick, the movie goes inside her head and watches as her feelings – joy, sadness, anger, disgust, and fear – battle to control her life. It’s funny and insightful for kids and downright clever for adult viewers. PG, Grade: B+

Onward: If all this family togetherness is driving you crazy, Onward is the kind of movie to make you count your blessings. It stars two brothers who have 24 hours to complete a magic spell that will allow them to see their late father once again. Featuring lots of adventure, mayhem, and laughs, this is a sweet movie about the power of love and our need for family. PG, Grade: A

Remember the Titans! Sports teams can have a powerful effect on their local communities. In 1971, as Richmond’s black and white high schools are merged, it falls to an African American football coach to create unity in his players – and hopefully the wider community. PG, Grade: A-

The Man from Snowy River: A perfect film for family movie night, The Man from Snowy River features Jim Craig’s quest to earn enough money to keep his farm in the Australian Snowy Mountains, win the girl, and capture the wild horse that killed his father. Stunning scenery, dazzling riding sequences, and a beautiful soundtrack all combine with a very clean movie to make this a winning pick for families. PG, Grade: B+

Wondering where to find these movies? Most of the DVDs can be ordered online but if you want to stream them, we recommend using justwatch.com to find out where they are streaming in your jurisdiction.

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