Sleep Inspired Movies for the Sleep Deprived

Springing ahead might give you more daylight hours in the evening but the missed hour of sleep can also leave you feeling sprung. With the arrival of Daylight Saving Time, many people may be a little groggy. Recover by cuddling on the couch with one of these movies featuring sleep.

After pricking her finger on a spinning wheel, Sleeping Beauty falls into a deep sleep from which she can only be awakened by the kiss of a Prince. Lucky for her, there is one in the neighborhood.

A timid Chicago subway toll-booth operator is mistaken as the girlffiend of the man she secretly loves after he falls into a coma in the romantic comedy While You Were Sleeping.

A lonely widower who can’t sleep has women chasing him after he makes a plea for love on a late night radio show in Sleepless in Seattle.

In the sci-fi film Inception, an enterprising man develops the illegal and unethical ability to enter a people’s dreams and steal their darkest secrets.

In the fantastical and bizarre world of Coraline, a young girl finds a secret door in the middle of the night that takes her to an alternative reality where she meets button-eyed inhabitants that bear a remarkable, but much improved, similarity to her real parents.

In a still scary but more child friendly film, a group of monstrous employees who spend the night eliciting screams from children who’ve gone to bed find a better way to generate power to run their city in Monsters, Inc..

A stymied writer finds reason to stay awake when he discovers he can go back in time when the clock strikes 12 and visit his favorite authors in Midnight in Paris.

A young boy also discovers magical events when he is unable to sleep. At midnight, he goes on an amazing flying tour in the animated movie The Snowman.

A group of eighth grade graduates do anything but snooze when they get together for a Sleepover.

Finally, financial fortunes are at the heart of the sequel Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps in which a recently released con gets back into the money game and brings his future son-in-law along for the ride.

Here are some other interesting facts about dealing with drowsiness.

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