Picture from New to Hulu This Week

New to Hulu This Week

Here’s what’s coming to Hulu on May 1st:

Batman Begins The caped crusader’s backstory comes to life in this Batman prequel as Bruce Wayne transforms from traumatized child to superhero. PG-13, Grade: B

Escape from Alcatraz Located on an island in San Francisco Bay, the fortress-like Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary was considered to be escape-proof. Then three inmates attempted to do the impossible. PG, Grade: C+

Megamind A blue-skinned alien, Megamind longs to take over the city where he has always felt unwelcome. But as the old saying goes, “Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it.” Turns out that being the evil genius gets a bit lonely… PG, Grade:B_

Monster House DJ is convinced that the shabby house across the street is a man-eating haunted house. But how can he convince everyone to believe him? PG, Grade:B-

Planet 51 How do you think aliens would feel if humans arrived on their planet? PG, Grade: B-

The Conjuring The Wilsons are paranormal investigators. Their work becomes personal when their own family is being haunted. R, Content details only.

The Dark Knight Batman battles the Joker and two Face to save the citizens of Gotham. PG-13, Grade: C+

The Green Mile A prison guard is increasingly convinced that one of his prisoners, convicted for violent crimes, is actually innocent. Restricted, Grade: C+

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