Picture from Most Dangerous Apps for 2015
The challenge of keeping up with all the latest games, apps and social media sites can be difficult for already busy parents. Image ©Dollarphoto.com/igor

Most Dangerous Apps for 2015

Keeping up with your kids’ schedules can be difficult enough. Keeping up with their online lives can be even more challenging. According to one business article there were over 40,000 app submissions on Apple’s App Store in May and nearly 14,000 applications for games. At a staggering average of 1,798 submissions a day it is no surprise parents can’t stay on top of all the latest online activity.

While many apps and social sites are harmless, others are far more dangerous, involving cyberbulling, pornography and predators targeting young audiences.

To help parents be aware of the latest apps and social media sites for 2015, Educateempowerkids.com has compiled a list of those that pose the most danger to teens and children. The site also give parents tips for communicating with their kids about the risks involved with these apps and social sites.

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