Picture from Jerry Lewis 10 Films Collection
A new collection of some old favorites. Image ©2018 Paramount Pictures

Jerry Lewis 10 Films Collection

On June 12, 2018, Paramount Pictures releases a compilation of movies starring Jerry Lewis. Fans will be pleased to see these classic films featuring the famous comedian. The DVD Box Set includes 90 minutes of bloopers and deleted scenes, along with the following titles:

THE STOOGE 1952 (Rating: Not rated) 100 min.
Jerry Lewis stars as Ted Rogers, a child-like, klutzy man who gets employed as an audience plant to add comedy to the musical act of Bill Miller (Dean Martin). Although he saves Bill’s show, he steals the limelight from the main attraction –and that causes some problems for the egotistical singer.

THE DELICATE DELINQUENT 1957 (Rating:Approved) 101min.
Sidney Pythias (Jerry Lewis) is a gangly, at-risk youth who is saved from a life of crime by a kindly cop (Darren McGavin), who then helps the luckless lad work his way through the Police Academy.

THE BELLBOY 1960 (Rating: Approved) 72 min.
Stanley (Jerry Lewis) is a mute bellboy employed at a ritzy Miami hotel. But his hearing proves to be less of a handicap than his butter-fingers.

CINDERFELLA 1960 (Rating: Not Rated) 91min.
This spoof on the classic story has Jerry Lewis playing the Cinderella character. Most of the other roles are also gender reversed, including his two snobbish stepbrothers (Henry Silva, Robert Hutton) his fairy godfather (Ed Wynn), and of course Princess Charming (Anna Maria Alberghetti).

THE ERRAND BOY 1961 (Rating: Not Rated) 92 min.
Timid and clumsy Morty S. Tashman (Jerry Lewis) is in the right place at the right time to be hired by the management of a motion picture studio to spy on their employees.

THE LADIES MAN 1961 (Rating: Not Rated) 95 min.
The hurt of being dumped by his girlfriend diminishes for Herbert (Jerry Lewis) when he finds a new job at boarding house for women. The easily distracted man will have to pay close attention if he hopes to survive in this female world.

THE NUTTY PROFESSOR 1963 (Rating: Not Rated) 107 min.
A nerdy professor uses his chemistry knowledge to create a potion intended to make himself irresistible to women. Still, he is unprepared to control his alter ego, Buddy Love.

THE DISORDERLY ORDERLY 1964 (Rating: Not Rated) 90 min.
When Jerome Littlefield’s (Jerry Lewis) hopes of becoming a doctor are crushed, he takes a job as an orderly in a private sanitarium. His disorderly ways cause new problems at the nursing home and threaten his relationship with his fiancée (Karen Sharpe).

THE PATSY 1964 (Rating: Not Rated) 101 min.
Jerry Lewis becomes a patsy in a TV show after the star unexpectedly passes away. However, these are big shoes to fill, and the stand-in is having trouble following in the footsteps of the celebrity.

THE FAMILY JEWELS 1965 (Rating: Not Rated) 99 min.
Jerry Lewis plays the roles of six different uncles who are vying for the attention of their young niece when she becomes heir to a $30 million dollar fortune.

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