Picture from Is Box Office Mojo Really Dead?
Finding box office earnings just got harder with the apparent demise of the Box Office Mojo website. Image ©2014 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Is Box Office Mojo Really Dead?

All I needed was box office earnings for Mr. Peabody and Sherman. What I got was a surprise.

The Box Office Mojo website appears to be dead in the water. The company, founded by Brandon Gray in 1999, reports real-time box office results. It was acquired by IMDB in 2008. But it said it would remain as a stand alone company. That plan seems to have changed.

As of Friday, users of the site initially were told the site was temporarily down. By Friday evening, users are being redirected to a page on IMDb. But hypable.com reports no word has been released from either that website or Amazon, the parent company, about these changes. However according to the news sources Twitter has plenty to say about the loss of one of the industry’s most detailed box office resources.

Stay tuned.

Monday October 13: Nice to see Box Office Mojo back in action—even if nobody wants to talk about what happened. Thanks!

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