Have Movies Will Travel

For anyone who has seen the disastrous road trip portrayed in Are We There Yet? the idea of packing up the family for a long car ride might be the last thing they are interested in doing.

However summer is upon us and with the current state of the economy more families will likely be driving to a holiday location rather than jetting off to some exotic locale.

With that in mind, parents can plan ahead to make the drive as enjoyable as possible for everyone who is confined in the car. Taking advantage of built-in or portable DVD players is one way to entertain fellow passengers. And luckily, road trips are a popular theme in movies.

In College Road Trip, a high school senior is ready to spread her wings and leave the nest. But her over-protective father isn’t quite ready to have her head off to college without some parental input. When Melanie plans a road trip to check out several different schools, Dad comes along for the ride.

If traveling by car seems difficult, imagine taking a dog sled instead. In Eight Below, a tour guide for scientists in Antarctica is pressured into making one last run for the summer season. But bad weather and an untimely accident turn this trip into a perilous journey for both man and beast.

The Road to El Dorado appears to be paved with gold when two small time con artists stumble upon the mythical city. But problems occur when one of the young explorers falls under the spell of a beguiling, scantily clad female who is trying to find a way out of town.

After causing a food shortage disaster at the ant colony, Flik, an innovative but over-zealous insect, finds himself heading out of town on a journey to find someone to help him and the other colony members defend themselves against a mean gang of grasshoppers in A Bug’s Life.

Lightening McQueen leaves the driving duties to his transport truck while he naps in the trailer. But when he accidently parts ways with his driver, the sporty little race car finds himself smack dab in the middle of Radiator Springs and smack dab in the middle of trouble with the local sheriff in Cars.

A little family of Russian rodents board a sailing ship for their trip across the ocean with hopes of finding a better life. But life is still full of challenges for these immigrants when they finally land on the shores of New York City in An American Tale.

While the characters in this film do most of their traveling by bus, their journey through a maze of racial prejudice is more important than their means of transportation. Coached by the gusty Don Haskins, a group of African American basketball players make their mark in the history in Glory Road.

Actor Tom Hanks finds himself carrying the load of the storyline in this film about a FedEx employee who washed up on a deserted island after a plane crash. With only a volleyball named Wilson for company, the lone survivor spends more time trying to stay alive than basking in the warm tropical sun in Cast Away.

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