Funky Colored Flames for Campfires

Busy work schedules, a fire ban and days of drizzle have kept us from getting outside as much as we’d like this summer. But finally last weekend we made our way to the mountains for a couple of days of camping with the kids.

After a traditional dinner of roasted hot dogs and gooey S’mores, we threw a box of Funky Colored Flames into the fire. It takes a minute for the flames to burn through the packet covers so remind your children to be patient. (I think some of our kids were expecting a fireworks show.) But once ignited, the chemicals turned the flames a bright blue and green. We tried this two different nights and found it works better if you throw in all three packets at once. And wait until it’s dark outside to get the real effect.

The packaging claims the colored flames will last for 30 minutes. However, I didn’t pull out my watch to do a time check.

Remember to throw in the packages only after you’ve finished cooking.

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