Picture from First Fast and Furious 7 Trailer Releases Nov. 1
The veteran cast from the Fast and Furious franchise is joined by a host of new cast members in Fast and Furious 7. Image ©2015 Universal Pictures

First Fast and Furious 7 Trailer Releases Nov. 1

Fast and Furious fans have to wait only a few more days to see the unveiling of the first trailer for the next addition in the action series. Universal is hosting a huge event to showcase the trailer on Saturday, November1 in Los Angeles. With the death of one of the franchise’s stars, Paul Walker, nearly a year ago, many have wondered how director James Wan and his moviemaking crew will rework the script.

You’re about to find out.

Titled as Fast and Furious 7, this film (which arguably could be Fast and Furious 6) brings the characters back to Los Angeles where Ian Shaw wants to avenge the death of his brother Owen. The veteran cast includes Vin Diesel, Michele Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Bridges and Jason Statham. They will be joined by Djimon Jounsou, Tony Jaa, Ronda Rousey and Kurt Russell in this new fast-paced action film.


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Furious 7

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