Finally The Search (Problem) Is Over

I hate to admit this, but Parent Previews has had a search issue for far too long. We have finally corrected this and invite you to try our new search page. Here you’ll find a complete new search form that allows you to get a full list of movies that match exactly what you are looking for. You can simple search by a title (or part of a title) but where the real work happens is in the section just below the title search. With a few clicks you can create a custom list of movies that fit the levels of sexual content, profanity, violence and drug and alcohol content you are comfortable with showing your family. That’s cool, but it gets even better. You can also select genres and refine your list further by choosing from our dozens of themes.

Here’s an example: You want a list of war movies that have an overall grade of at least a B- with violence at a C- or better and sexual content at a B- or better. Just click “B” in the Overall Grade section, “C” in the Violence section, and “B” in the Sexual Content section. Now check the “War” box in genres and there you have it… a concise list of war movies that fit your needs.

Keep an eye out for even more improvements to our search functions. We promise to help you find the perfect movie for your family. (Teachers: Our list of themes and genres are perfect for finding movies for your classroom needs too!)

More details about the movies mentioned in this post…